The perfect movie for Holy Week: “RISEN” exclusively at SM Cinema

Just in time for Holy Week: SM Cinema presents a cinexclusive entitled “RISEN:” an action, mystery, and drama film as told by a roman soldier commanded to disprove rumors of a risen Messiah in order to prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.

RISEN is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer. Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), a powerful Roman military tribune, and his aide, Lucius (Tom Felton), are tasked to solve and refute the mystery of a “Messiah’s” resurrection in the weeks following the crucifixion, in order to avert a revolution in Jerusalem. Following the directive of Roman prefect Pontius Pilate who had been urged by the Pharisees and scribes to seal and guard the tomb of the supposed “King of the Jews,” Centurion Clavius was forced to resolve the conspicuous investigation of a tomb found empty three days after the Messiah’s execution. Initially speculating the involvement of the Christ’s disciples in stealing the body of Yeshua (Jesus as referred to Hebrew name in film), Clavius finds himself on a road of self-discovery, on who Jesus Christ truly was, and possibly why the mighty Roman Empire had felt threatened.

RISEN features renowned stars Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love), Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Peter Firth (The Hunt for Red October; “MI-5”), and Cliff Curtis (“Fear the Walking Dead”).

Have a Holy Week at SM Cinema and enjoy “RISEN” beginning March 2, 2016. Visit your nearest SM Cinema branch or log on to for more details.

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