Drew Arellano Takes On "Dad Roles" And More Adventures

It seems Drew Arellano found a new side of him now that he is a father and a husband. Now a lovely family with Iya and Primo, Drew finds a new world of opportunity opened up to him as he now a dad. Before marriage, Drew and Iya was already a power celebrity couple in the industry and many were very happy that they finally tied the know a few years ago. Now with Primo now part of their growing family, they have now evolved into a power celebrity family.

New endorsements opened up for them which is expected as they became parents. Brands like Babyflo Babywash, Cerelac, and Nutripuffs features Primo which marks a promising career for comercials. He also endorses lifestyle brands like Del Monte Pineapple and Uniqlo Jackets. 

Drew also has an online store called Vamos which sells sports attire and paraphernalia from socks to tees. Vamos products can also be found in select sports shops. As a triathlete, Drew together with some friends, opened a gym, Tri Temple to cater to a triathletes needs. 

He has several shows in GMA like the science-oriented program AHA! and also had a cooking show called Home Foodie which aired its 3rd season this year. He also hosts the travel show Byahe Ni Drew which is shown on GMA News TV. 

In the latest episode, we went to Northern Samar which was a province rarely featured on travel shows. His adventure there includes the historical landmarks dating back to the Galleon trade, the usual unusual food trip which is mostly what we look forward to, and his personal adventures to these new places. Byahe Ni Drew has gone to places both here and abroad, as they offer a whole new experiences to usual tourist destination plus an experience of a uncharted territories make it a travel show to love.

Drew's perky energy made his mark in the industry, and as an athlete himself, it looks like he is just in his 20's. These qualities are also present with his wife and son. Together they can be a real riot of energy and jokes. 

Drew and Iya would like to have another child soon, and hopes for a baby girl. A new addition to the gang can be challenging but will definitely make them more adorable as more kids also means more cuteness.

There is no stopping Drew in doing more this year, he keeps a steady pace in showbiz to make sure it balances work, family and passion. Now that is what I call #GOALS.

Watch my #SlumbookSeries with Drew on my YouTube Channel to get to know him more!

Drew Arellano is managed by Asian Artists Agency.

For inquiries email info@asianartistsagency.com or call tel: (02) 405 4423 or (02) 855 4765

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