Janella Salvador is ready to go on her own

Janella Salvador, 20, is now ready to try new things to help her grow as an actress, including be paired with different leading men and not having to stick with one perennial onscreen partner.

She expressed her openness to break away from the love team she has been typecast these past couple of years.

Having been in the business six year, Janella’s career scaled new heights when her team-up with fellow Kapamilya star Elmo Magalona was formed in 2016.

Together, their tandem became well known as ElNella.

For TV, they did Born For You (2016), Wansapanataym; Holly & Mau (2016) and followed by Wansapanataym: Jasmin’s Flower Powers (2017).

The onscreen couple went on to make movies, recently My Fairy Tail Love Story (2018) from Regal Entertainment, Inc. But in her latest movie, So Connected, Janella has a new leading man, in the person of Jameson Blake.

Though she remains grateful to the fans of her previous love team, Janella hopes fans would support her even if she would have new onscreen partners.

“Syempre love ko naman lahat ng fans, pero like I requested din sa mga tao, sana after everything, mas okay na rin na hindi ako i-pair sa isang person consistently. Mas okay ‘yun,” she explained.

She expresses that she hopes to be a versatile actress and not to have to depend on a team-up in all of her projects.

To be paired with different leading men will enable her to improve her craft.

“Kasi mahirap na mag-build ng isang [love team], so I’d rather grow.”

She clarifies that she is happy with ElNella, but being groomed for another constant leading man is not an easy task.

“I’ll admit that it was really hard for me to accept na I have to work with different people, but now, okay na sa akin. There’s nothing wrong with that.

“I realized that it’s gonna help me grow in my career.

“It’s gonna help me discover things about myself when it comes to acting.

Syempre may adjustment. Hindi ako sanay, pero it’s always nice to try something new.

“I think it’s good growth din as an actress.

“So, if I’m gonna be paired up now, ayoko nang ma-groom as a love team, kumbaga iba-iba na.”

In So Connected, Jameson portrays Karter, a video editor for a web channel.

One day, his phone gets stolen by a thief, who, in turn, sells it to a waitress named Trisha (Janella).

Not knowing that the gadget is synced to Karter’s computer, Trisha stores photos and pictures on the mobile phone that Karter can access.

Having a glimpse of her life through pictures and videos, Karter becomes infatuated with her.

Eventually, he goes on a mission to find Trisha through the clues from the videos and photos.

When their paths finally cross, Trisha feels she ridiculously has a lot of things in common with Karter.

She feels that they are so connected.

But what if she finds out that the connection she has for Karter, did not form from the genuine kind that she has in mind?

The film also stars Ruby Rodriguez, Rolando Inocencio, Cherise Castro, Krystal Brimner, Paulo Angeles, VJ Mendoza, Chai Fonacier, Rafael Sudayan and is directed by the highly-respected Jason Paul Laxamana.

So Connected opens in cinemas on May 23.

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