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With many of us hungry for success, it does not come with a designated formula that one can follow and will definitely succeed in life. It comes with a lot of factors, one of them is to discovering them for yourself and find the tools you need for that path that one would go through. It will not be easy but there is a group that can help you with that, The After Six Club.

The group is composed of people who are experts their own success and skills in life.  They also call themselves The Ambitious Tribe which aims to reach their own ambitions and wants every member be part of their achivements. Their credentials and experiences are also truly impressive, knowing them from their summary is already inspiring enough.They recently set up an online learning seminars which vary in terms of topics discussed., their latest one was "10x Your Success Story: Online Summit" which they have streamed online.

They do offer a lot of other courses which one can avail by getting tickets for their upcoming seminars which vary from writing, self-improvement, branding and even wardrobe. They also partnered with Copywriting Dojo for the materials and kits while Estancia Mall and The Study by Enderun which will be the venue of the events. The proceeds will also go to the National Bookstore Foundation which will also provide for the learning kits.

One of the forerunners of the After Six Club is Kassy Pajarillo,  who is Chief Encourager of main initiator The After Six Club, formed off the Linkedin platform in 2018 and which focuses on lifelong learning and community building.

She is also a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur and has also made start-up ventures, with an international independent Linkedin Trainer. She also makes Digital and Offline Events and Marketing consultant and inspirational speaker herself, specializing on the subject, "The Power of Collaboration: How to Find the Right People Using the Right Questions."

"Truly, when you trust the process and allow dream-weavers to do what they do with the heart and purpose in mind, everything unfolds naturally and beautifully," she said.

"Indeed, the world of unschooling has always been here. It doesn't end in school or from your chosen university experiences Our goal is for us to make people know and be aware that we all have the obligation and the right to keep on learning, to go for what truly makes us happy and do not forget about contributing to the society. It's lifelong learning. We're happy to have been able to partner with top co-working spaces, venues, and other companies towards this ambitious goal and now, as we strengthen the same mission, Mindvalley University"

Mindvalley University ,  is globally renowned transformational education company which offer products focused on the subconscious, personal and spiritual development. The upcoming event also kicks off for them to set up an office here in the country.

Also part of the growing club of experts are Jon Orana (Founder, Negosyo University) who talked about the "Proven Process to Building Your Own Information Product Empire From Scratch", Nix Eniego (Founder, Social Media Academy) who tackled the "Growth Hacking Secrets for Freelancers: From Zero Clients to Overflowing Work In Less Than a Month," Juan Bernardo Patino (Founder, Pinoy Money Academy) who discussed "Personal Finance Secrets: The 3-Step Process Any Financially Struggling Person Can Use to Succeed & Thrive," Gina Romero (Founder, Connected Women) who shared her ideas on "Essential Skills For The Future: How to Survive and Thrive in the World of Remote Work," Ace Gapuz (CEO, Blogapalooza) who dabbled on "The Influencer Gameplan: Hustling Your Way to Influencer Marketing Success," Sean Si (CEO, SEO Hacker) who laid out "How to ldentify, Envision, Pursue, and Actually Achieve God's Plan for Your Success," Jonecca San Pascual (Success Coach & Licensed NLP Practitioner) who instilled "How to Develop a Success Mindset That Will Help You Turn Your Most Ambitious Dreams Into Reality," Ayn Bernos (YouTube Content Creator & Founder, Morena the Label) who detailed "How to Build a Brand People Will Love Through Authentic Storytelling & Amplifying Your Message," and Raf Marabut (Founder & Sensei, Copywriting Dojo PH) who mentored The Foolproof Blueprint to Creating & Monetizing a Life-Changing Niche Facebook Group Without Spending on Ads."

Pajarillo adds, "Our intention is for this online summit to spark inspiration, encouragement, and motivation for you to pursue your life's purpose as you gain more clarity towards achieving your life goals with the best wishes and hopes for humanity in mind."

The list of available offline community events in Estancia at Capitol Commons will begin on July 13, offering activities every Thursday to Friday from 1PM-7PM, Saturdays 1-5PM and end on July 27 for the Ambitious Tribe Conference

About The After Six Club

THE AFTER SIX CLUB is an empowerment club that publishes, executes and supports unique events and experiences for and by communities and causes aligned with the vision: Empower Humans. Drive Ambition. Learn More through http://www.theaftersixclub.com or on Facebook.com/theaftersix

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