Sunshine, Raymond and Enzo Makes Bold Cinemalaya Statement With "Malamaya"

As one of the competing films for the 2019 Cinemalaya, the film Malamaya (The Color of Ash) wants to make a statement with the directors, story and their cast. Making her debut with the film festival is Sunshine Cruz and Enzo Pineda and also joined by Raymond Bagatsing. Directing this are two impressive women  Danica Sta. Lucia and Leilani Chavez. 

Danica is a producer and video editor while Leilani, a soap opera writer and journalist. The film is first time in making their full-length film. They point out that Malamaya is a Tagalog term for the color of ash or gray, which is quite a contrast to the colorful world of art showed by the three main characters.

The story takes the viewer on a sensual journey through the eyes of Nora, a 45-year old unmarried visual artist (played by Sunshine) who is in an undefined relationship with a fellow artist named Jim (Raymond), a potter is recovering from the death of his wife. Nora's dull and uninspired life takes a colorful turn when she pays a visit to the university where her friend Alice (Bernadette Allyson) teaches. Here, Nora meets Migs (Enzo) young, upcoming photographer. The attraction between the two is instant. Visual artist and photographer then embark on a passionate love affair that ignites their respective lives and artistic endeavors.

Though the plot maybe compared with films like Glorious and Belle Douleur which spotlights the May-December affair however they affirm that it will be different as they have been selected by the Cinemalaya committee. 

Sunshine Cruz also makes her bold move to be more sensual compared to her previous roles. She acknowledges that she is happy to have these kinds of projects even at her age. Enzo Pineda also goes all out with bare scenes showing his physique. Enzo shares that he did workouts to improve his thighs and butt, which can be seen in a special trailer. Raymond said that he also keeps up with the sexual energy, yet he teases that these will be revealed in the movie. 

Th film is also just in time for the 15th anniversary fo Cinemalaya which will now be screening nationwide on selected cinemas. This gives them the opportunity to make a mark in the regions along with the other competing films. And if they will get lucky, they might also get nominations and win awards because of the amazing cast.

"Malamaya" is  produced by ALV Films with Spears Films Activation, and Cine Likha Productions. And the 15th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival will run from August 2 to 13 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and selected cinemas nationwide. The wide commercial release begins on August 14.

For more information, follow malamaya_film on Instagram and Malamaya Film on Facebook.

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