Boracay's Congressman Haresco Now Ready To Pursue Promises

It may be a provincial seat but the second district of Aklan is a prime location as has Boracay island as one of its jurisdiction, and after the rehabilitation of the island, tourism is again booming along with the new changes. Elected again with a landslide victory as congressman of the district, Nonong Haresco feels the big responsibility to protect its citizens along with the tourists who brings the island to life.

But along with Malay which Boracay is loacted, Haresco also serves the citizens of the towns of  Buruanga, Ibajay, Lezo, Makato, Malinao, Nabas, Numancia, and Tangalan. Collectively the district is almost half of the province and its income from tourism has been its driving force. But despite the vast area and business opportunities, he looks on reforms and projects that will help the locals to rise up and have their own businesses to help improve their lives and their families.

Haresco believes that there are still a lot of things that needs to be done as he focus on building centers of training for people as well as improve roads that will lead to more beautiful spots in Aklan which can also be an alternative to Boracay. He proudly tells that their wind farm as seen from the mountains provides power to the grid as well as alternative tourism spot now open for visitors.

He though shows opposition in certain project which he deems as more harmful than beneficial. Like the proposed Caticlan-Boracay bridge that will link the island to the mainland and will make transport now accesible via a road and bridge. However he sees that this will be not good for the people as well as the environment as construction would cause damage to the sand and seas.

Having started from humble beginnings, Nonong Haresco wants to invest more on the people and projects that are sustainable, environmentally-friendly and will be a win-win solution for tourists, citizens, and the government.

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