Dream High Gaming and Bren Limitless Champions For The First Juicy Legends Tournament

No doubt that Mobile Legends has become a huge game for many in the country. I also have been hooked on the game for quite some time now and now understand why people are also getting serious with the game. This became an opportunity for beverage brand Juicy Lemon to bring mobile gamers together for an tournament called Juicy Legends.

As its first competition Mobile Legends, they called out professional and amateur players and even cosplayers to make the ultimate showdown. The event was made possible by organizer ULVL Gaming together with ARC Refreshments Corp.’s Juicy Lemon as major sponsor. 

The competition initially has 128 teams which is comprised of 5 to 7 members each. The battles where made from March to June 2019 with the semifinals and finals held at Isetann Recto on July 5 and 6.

Hosting the event are Roadfil and Kimbie who known as online personalities and streamers of the game which is watched by many people. They are also joined by various streamcasters who guides the audience with a blow-by-blow account of the activities for each battle.

In between games, the hosts also engage with the audience with games and raffles giving out various items and of course bottles and cans of Juicy Lemon which one of the most affordable refreshments available in stores and supermarkets. For the last they, a cosplay competition also happened with two characters going head-to-head, Akai and X.Borg.

With each game duration dependent on the performance of both teams, yet the thrill of very kill and brawl excites everyone. The games are also closely monitored by the Games and Amusement Board (GAB).

For the final showdown, it was the match between Dream High Gaming and Team Liquid with Finesse Titans taking 3rd place. On the Pro Division, it was Aether Esports versus Bren Limitless. Each final battle is best of five and every game is really exciting as players for their best for the title.

Finally the winners were determined, Team Dream High Gaming wins the Amateur division and Team Bren Limitless for the Pro division.  The grand winners of the Amateur Division will receive Php50,000, while second and third placers take home Php20,000 and Php10,000, respectively. Further, the grand winners of the Pro Division will receive Php 100,000, while the second placers take home Php 20,000.

With the excitement and passion seen in the competition, the next tournament is expected with a growing gaming community exploding, a bigger number of participants and exciting games are expected to happen soon. 

Juicy Lemon is the refreshing, low-calorie, lemon-flavoured soft drink of ARC Refreshments Corp., which is also the manufacturer of other well-loved beverages namely RC Cola, Seetrus, Fruity Soda Orange, Arcy’s Rootbeer and Rite ‘N Lite.

For more information and live updates on the “Juicy Legends Tournament”, like or follow https://www.facebook.com/JuicyLemonOfficial/.

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