Explore your disbursement options with Powerpay+

If you’re amazed at what you can do on mobile wallet GCash, get ready to be surprised even more. 

GCash is known mostly for its individual payment features—among them scan to pay at merchant counters, bills payments, and bank transfers—which have made transactions usually done in traditional banks and payment centers possible with just a few clicks on the phone. 

But did you know GCash also has a feature to help business owners disburse payments as easily? 

Say hello to Powerpay+. This payment facility allows business owners to release salaries, allowances, loans, commissions and other funds to their employees through their GCash accounts. 

Entrepreneurs of any-size business may use Powerpay+ through a few easy steps: 

  1. Apply online via www.gcashbiz.com/login
  2. File required documents such as their company’s Certificate of Registration from the Bureau of Internal Revenue or Securities and Exchange Commission, articles of incorporation and general information sheet. 
  3. Upload information about payees, including IDs and signatures to a central database after GCash brings business onboard through creating a wallet and grants access to database. 
  4. Deposit amount to GCash account to cover disbursements. 

Business owners have three disbursement options: 
  • Pay Now: Disbursements are sent real-time to payees. 
  • Scheduled Disbursements: Business owners may set payout dates ahead of chosen schedule. 
  • Recurring Disbursements: Firms may set regular payout dates at once. 

The amounts will then be credited to payees’ GCash accounts, which do not require a maintaining balance, unlike in most banks. Payees will each be issued a GCash EMV-ready Mastercard, which they may use to withdraw cash from any Bancnet ATM.

Payees will then be able to enjoy GCash features, from buying mobile phone load, scan to pay, online shopping, bank transfers, and GCash’s savings and investments platforms. 

As of July, 1 million people were enrolled in the GCash Powerpay+ platform, including employees from micro-, small and medium enterprises, and big firms such as the Ayala Corp., Grab, Concentrix and Generika.

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