How You Can Vote For The Morning Rush For RAWR Awards 2019!'s RAWR Awards voting season has begun and our favorite morning barkada, The Morning Rush is nominated for Best Radio DJs for this year. It's time for us Rushers to show support to Chico Garcia, Hazel Hottie, Rica Garcia, and Markki Stroem to win this award!

This month will start the voting stage wherein votes will be gathered via social media and also queries about The Morning Rush in the LionHearTV website will be counted. 1/3 will come from votes from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 1/3 will come from queries made inside

To vote via social media, and make things easier here are the links for your convenience:

Facebook (heart Reacts only)

Twitter:  (Like Tweet)

Instagram (Favorite the picture)

Also here is the instructional video on how to vote for the 2019 RAWR Awards:

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