President Duterte And Key Business Personalities To Attend 45th Philippine Business Conference and Expo

As part of the annual business gathering of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the 45th Philippine Business Conference and Expo (45th PBCE) is now set to commence on October 16 and 17 at the Manila Hotel.

With no less than the country's largest business organization leading the gathering it is nearing its 50th year and rides with the incredible growth of the country which is now being known by investors.The conference is expected to be attended by 1,000 foreign and local businessmen that want to expand networks and opportunities that can be done in the country as ease of doing business is gaining track that will attract investments for medium to large scale operations.

With the recent bilateral meetings done by President Duterte in Russia, it also opens more doors for more Russian partnerships which also dates back in 2017 when the first trip to Moscow by the president was cut short by the Marawi siege. Now everything has cleared and relatively peaceful, this poses as a great opportunity to be more aggressive with starting new businesses and opening more jobs for the public.

This year's theme "Enabling Business in a Digital Economy," will look into the dynamics of a digitally driven economy and how its impact on people's growth and business sustainability.

PCCI President Ma. Alegria Sibal Limjoco said that the theme this year is a follow through of the previous year's conference: "Infrastructure and Digital Economy: The Game Changers.

"Business is really going digital and its inevitable. [That is why] we are having this discussion and we invited renowned local and international experts in the field of digital economy and technology innovation to share their thoughts, experiences and tips on how business can survive and thrive in a dynamically changing environment," Limjoco said 

45th PBC Chair William S. Co said that while digital economy promises to bring opportunities, it also poses uncertainties to business sustainability. 

"Digital economy is seen to disrupt and transform traditional business models. With this conference we would like the delegates to see the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) as it affects us in the Philippines and in the global setting,' Co said.

Over the last four decades, PBCE has served as a platform for PCCI members and partners both in private sector and government to converge, dialogue and come up with policy recommendations to better improve the business environment in the country.

There is so many things that can come from this conference and expo like the recent concerns in agriculture which many could only share the plight on social media yet yearns for a solution from the business sector for fair prices and support. The digital age and technology has exponential effects on business processes and is now an advantage for the Philippines. 

Now that the economy maintains a good upward trend that is also complemented with the stock market, shrinking inflation, and rising consumer spending are good business conditions and will help more Filipinos and improve quality of life.

Here are some videos of the press conference:

The country's top policymakers, including President Duterte himself, will be meeting with over 1,000 foreign and local businessmen to set the tone for public-private initiatives in the coming years at th 45th Philippine Business Conference and Expo (45th PBCE) on October 16 and 17 at the Manila Hotel.

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), the country's largest business organization, again takes the lead in this undertaking as the country seeks to continue improving it business climate amid the Duterte administration's massive infrastructure buildup and preparations for the digital revolution. 

PCCl expects over 1,000 delegates composed of business, industry captains, policymakers, members of the diplomatic corp, MSMEs and international chambers at the two-day event, which culminates with a meeting with the President. 

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