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As Enhanced Community Quarantine is extended within the National Capital Region Plus, Filipinos are urged to stay at home to minimize the spread of the virus while we patiently await the full vaccination rollout. 

Thankfully, the pandemic has motivated businesses and service providers to adapt to the demand arising from our adjusted daily routines, allowing most of us to have a more convenient and comfortable Work from Home (WFH) set-up. 

Likewise, airasia completed its transformation from a digital airline into a comprehensive lifestyle platform ‘for everyone’ in October of last year, providing a simpler, faster and more convenient user experience with products and services revolving around travel, e-commerce, and fintech.  

In particular, the airasia Shop in the Philippines offers value-for-money travel retail shopping, allowing customers to purchase a wide range of quality authentic products from categories such as Beauty, Fashion, Electronics & Gadgets, Health & Wellness, Kids products, and exclusive airasia merchandise. The best part? Affordable prices and door-to-door delivery resulting in a safe and fuss-free shopping experience. 

Here are some suggestions of WFH essentials that will improve your remote set-up: 

JBL Headset Tune 120TWS Wireless In-Ear Black - Php 5,290 

(SALE From Php 7,540)

As most meetings and encounters have been facilitated virtually, it is wise to invest in a good pair of earphones. This all-in-one wireless headset is perfect for active individuals who wish to easily control their phone calls, music, and microphone with ease. 

The Bamboo Company Lakbawayan Laptop Riser - Php 899 

(SALE From Php 999)

Working from home may mean sitting all day, sometimes causing some pain on the back shoulders, and neck. This bamboo laptop riser provides ergonomic benefits such as improving posture and reducing screen glare.

The Bamboo Company Bamboo Phone Holder - Php 269 (SALE From Php 299)

Keep your workspace organized and never miss a notification. This phone holder allows you to multi-task especially when dealing with multiple screens and gadgets. 

JBL Speaker GO 2 Portable Bluetooth Black - Php 2,290 (SALE From 3,600)

Enhance your audio quality with this portable bluetooth speaker that provides crisp and clear quality sound. This splash-proof speaker works great for listening to meetings, webinars, or playing that WFH playlist. 

Flotech by Antbox UV Lamp - Php 3,300 (SALE From Php 3,499)

UV lamps are used to reduce the spread of bacteria by disinfecting spaces, rooms, water, and nonporous surfaces. This lamp is a useful tool to properly disinfect your workspace at the end of the day. Be sure to leave the room when disinfection is in process to avoid any harmful effects caused by its rays. 

Flotech by Antbox UVGO - Php 3,600 (SALE From Php 3,800)

Use this portable and rechargeable UV-C Disinfection box for disinfecting essentials and desk items. A huge plus is that you can bring this anywhere, and disinfect your things as you go. 

Flotech by Antbox FLOTECH UV-C AIR PURIFIER - Php 5,500 

(SALE From Php 6,500)

Keep the air of your home or office clean with this air purifier with a HEPA filter, designed to capture tiny particles and droplets. Fun fact! AirAsia aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters which effectively clean cabin air. These filters purify the air every two to three minutes by screening almost the entire spectrum of particles. (Extra HEPA filters can be found here.) 

Flotech Nanomizer - Php 300 (SALE From Php 310)

This multi-purpose spray bottle produces a fine and homogenous yet powerful mist in every spray. Use this for alcohol, household disinfectant, or even facial water to place on your work desk but don’t forget to label its contents! 

The Bamboo Company Lakbawayan Notebook with Pen - Php 539 

(SALE From Php 599) 

Jot down your notes, to-do lists, and ideas on this sturdy notebook made of recycled paper. 

The Bamboo Company Kalinawayan Bamboo Oil Diffuser -Php 1,754 

(SALE From Php 1,949)

Incorporate aromatherapy in your workplace to promote productivity and feelings of calmness, clarity and focus even on your most stressful days. 

Get these and so much more on airasia Shop. It’s now or never! Get 20%* off with a minimum purchase of Php1,000 using the code SHOP20 only today. Enjoy free shipping until 11 April 2021. 

* Discount is capped at Php 500. Terms and conditions apply.

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