Who is To Blame With The Water Interruptions in Pasig and Mandaluyong?

More than ever, access to useful water supply is a necessity for everyone. Recently there was large interruption of service affecting Mandaluyong, Pasig, and some parts of Quezon City. According to the news, it was because of damage made by Awin Technology when they were working on their CCTV network installation.

Naturally people would vent out on the service provider like Manila Water. However this incident was not caused by any maintenance work, rather because of the damage in the pipeline caused a huge outage of service. These cities are also densely populated which resulted in a huge inconvenience for the residents and workers.

Manila Watwr will also be conducting an investigation with the damage caused by the incident with Awin technology. And this was the first incident, Manila Water also stated that they have damaged six water pipes in the East Zone which shows that this not the only incident the same company.

The repairs are still ongoing and they have also sent out service trucks to areas affected. Manila Water updates regularly on social media with the repairs and the list of affected barangays. Road traffic is also expected to get heavy due to repairs.

Millions of litters of water also wasted as the leak is not completely fixed and also damages the roads and vehicles that pass through the area. 

With summer season arriving soon, the need for water in homes, hospitals and other essential centers will be critical, yet we have to make sure that these incidents won’t happen again. And an investigation should be conducted to prevent similar incidents.

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