Lesha Transcends With Eleven:Eleven

The singer with global sound is back with another intriguing track

And the clock strikes at 11:11, you can’t help but to whisper a wish.  They call it Angel Numbers and the possibilities to see it are endless. Just keep your eyes open and you’ll definitely notice them. For the fast rising electro pop artist, Lesha, these numbers have a different effect on her.  

Asked on what Lesha usually whispers silently when the clock hits repeating number sequences, “Literally anything! I usually like manifesting career or life opportunities because 11:11 is actually a reminder from your angels to reflect on your purpose.”  
Lesha taking on tougher challenges at this point in her career and setting her motivation conquering the bigger stage.  All that she can say is that she’s currently living the dream and she’s just open to whatever the Universe has in store for her next.

“At this point where I am on a journey on breaking it into the International stage, represent the Filipino music industry globally, and hopefully on a world tour. With all that I’ve achieved so far, I’m deeply humbled and somehow extremely in awed of how far I’ve come in my career. Never in my life I would’ve expected to release a global collaboration album or be under Lauv or Finneas’ label, AWAL.”

Before this year closes, she’s dropping her newest track entitled ELEVEN:ELEVEN, part of her soon to be released global album entitled SUN MOON RISING. This is the shortest track in the album and probably the most chillest one.   As compared to her other releases, Lesha is proud to say that this track is a one-woman-show. No collaborators or producers worked on this track which is another reason why she feels that this song is special because she get to show people the most authentic sound in its rawest form. 

“Eleven:Eleven is a dreamy synth filled track that I produced in my bedroom studio one night when I got the idea to write about how I love wishing on angel numbers specifically 11:11.  I knew the concept of Numerology had to be a part of this album since it played a huge role in my journey of manifestation and spirituality. At the time I was writing this song, I already knew the title had to be Eleven:Eleven so I used that as the direction for the lyrics and just relating it to me and my personality. This song is my own way of reminding myself of my worth, that I’m divinely guided, and is also another way of protecting my energy from any negativity,” Lesha shares.

She worked the hardest in finishing this song, doing all the nitty gritty details from songwriting, putting on music, producing and even creating her own music video.  It’s not an easy feat, but her mind is focused to doing things her own way while following what she has envisioned for every track music video and maintain a global standard quality.

“I drew inspiration for my music videos through listening to my songs all day and try to visualize the sound or how I interpret the music. Sometimes my ideas can go from very abstract concepts into something that people can easily grasp.”

Admittedly, Lesha can become an obsessive perfectionist especially when it comes to producing and creating her music videos. But it’s tougher for her than you can imagine. Stretching her creative juices in every way, shape and form.  By the way, that’s where her resourcefulness came into play being able to come up a polished finished product in the shortest time possible. 

For the Eleven: Eleven music video, Lesha has the concept of her shots as inspired by Alice In Wonderland. She explains, “I’ve always wanted to do a whimsical sort of character for a music video and at the same time have it look like an exaggeration of my personality. The mime in the video is another character we injected to represent more of the darker side of how people can really choose how they appear to other people.”

She gives advice to newbies who wants to do their own music videos, “When working on a music video, the key is to find the right people who also see your vision the way you do so they get to deliver the vibe you’re going for. On top of that, you also need to be looking at whether this person is easy to work with and is professional in all scenarios. I’ve encountered working with unprofessional people, no work ethics whatsoever and it really gives the rest of the team a harder (me and a huge headache when the deadline is fast approaching.”

Call Lesha a total game changer in this cutthroat music industry, but she is determined to achieve her vision to continue being a hardworking D-I-Y artist in charge of her own brand of music. “I don’t really like putting myself in a box of just making pop music, which is why I enjoy injecting different genres I feel would fit well in the track. I love that I get to make music that is authentic to me and what I vibe with, at the same time fit many other sub-genres into my style.”

But she acknowledges that her artistry is a work in progress and still evolving. You’ll be surprised  how Lesha can still be flexible and open minded to hone her craft. 

“I’ve definitely grown a lot as a producer and songwriter through the years and I’m still constantly learning as I’m making more songs. I feel like I’ve gotten to refine my taste in music while working on this album and that’s the beauty of it. The more I experiment with different genres or styles, the more I’m able to sort of shape shift my sound into something that is unique to me and my listeners.”

‘ELEVEN: ELEVEN” is the 4th track of Lesha's global collaboration visual album titled 'SUN MOON RISING' set to drop in early 2022 and is going to be available on all digital music streaming platforms this December 3, 2021. Check out Lesha’s  music on Spotify or watch the official music videos, covers, and learn more about music production on Lesha’s YouTube Channel.

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