REVIEW - One True Pair The Movie

Jollibee Studios has indeed made memorable short films called "Kwentong Jollibee" which also serves as another way of promoting the brand with stories that are so relatable. Many of which have moved many viewers to tears. And after years of showcasing stories set for various seasons, they now gave a new story that is bigger and brings in one of biggest loveteams in Philippine cinema.

Yes I am talking about John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo which made blockbuster films and memorable teleseryes. Now Jollibee Studios presents "One True Pair The Movie" which is the longest so far they have made. Though it's not a long as the usual films, it wants to remain with the balance close to the other Jollibee shorts yet long enough to give a meaningful story and character depth.

Directed by JP Habac, it's something new for the two yet also works as their dynamic as a loveteam is what bring people to watch them. Given the pandemic set-up, the premise is simple as well as the cast that will focus more on John Lloyd and Bea playing actors who are also a love team and goes on a conversation about life, love, and their past. Going around the city, walking, sitting, driving, and yes, going to Jollibee.

It seems like a reflection of their real lives as they talk about many things which gives off their love team charm which is so natural being friends in real life. It also hits hard when Ben&Ben's "Pasalubong" plays in the background which is perfect for the moment. There are some lines that can caught you off guard and also some jokes to break  some serious moments.

There will be also some hints of nostalgia or references from John Lloyd and Bea's past movies and series. The dialogues sometimes can become cheesy  but it still hits us with that kilig factor. It's was not dramatic, yet more of nostalgic discussion  mixed with some reality that many can relate.

We have to thank Jollibee for bringing the two together for this project.  You can watch "One True Pair The Movie" on Jollibee Studios YouTube Channel.

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