Finding love with John Lloyd & Bea’s One True Pair The Movie, a film from Jollibee Studios

It’s all in the journey

Many people dream of falling in love with the right person at the right time and making it last forever, but many are left disappointed yet continue searching while some give up and find other kinds of love that works for them.

Love might be a powerful and universal feeling yet it’s anything but simple--that is at the heart of the newest Jollibee Studios film, One True Pair The Movie, starring the country’s most iconic love team, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

The film tells the story of Ian and Gela, two famous celebrities who were once a popular on-screen tandem for many rom-com movies over the years. Ian, dubbed the “Prince of Philippine Cinema,” took a short break from showbiz while Gela continued being a top celebrity.

After his break, Ian and Gela reunite once again as they work on a project together. In their musings and conversations, we see how they are as real people, how they’ve matured individually over time, and their enduring friendship and love for each other.

The film is directed by JP Habac and is a deeply insightful film that shows that as people grow, so does the love they have for other people.

The country’s one true pair

After the release of the film on Dec. 1 on the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel, One True Pair the Movie has amassed over 4 million views with many commenting that the film felt unscripted and surfaced the reality of what it meant to love a person and how the definition of love changes as life goes on.

The film also led the YouTube channel to grow from 652,000 subscribers before the release of the film to 704,000 subscribers to date.

“Parang ‘di scripted, parang totoo, parang lahat galing sa puso, parang nanonood ka ng totoong buhay ng dalawang artista na minsan sumugal pero natakot sa nararamdaman. Thank you Jollibee nakaka-touch kasi ito talaga ang reality,” said Crizell Susana on YouTube.

The film also highlighted why John Lloyd and Bea have remained the most iconic love team in the Philippine entertainment industry for more than a decade.

“I feel that the storyline was inspired by them…I love how John Lloyd and Bea had inputted their emotions into this,” said Cheenee in a comment on the film. “I realized how humans are so complex to the point that love cannot be explained in just one tense. There are indeed different types of love,” she added.

The journey of finding the love that lasts

Within the 35-minute film, One True Pair The Movie showed that there are different kinds of love and that the journey of finding the One is also a journey of finding oneself.

The story of Gela and Ian showed that throughout their lives, people may find several “loves” from the first love who taught them how to love–the fairytale, the ideal but one often does not last. The love that changed them and taught them how to love themselves. This is the love that’s painful but one that they’ll look back and be thankful for because it taught them how to choose themselves and walk away. The love that lasts–it's the one that stays even after the romance is gone--that inexplicable connection that remains even if the kilig is gone. This is the love that was built on all the lessons in a person’s journey. This is the love that has grown through joy and adversity, and is made even more special for it. And finally, the love that goes beyond romance–this is the love that has always been there while they are busy loving the first three kinds and all other kinds of love they wanted to be in.

The beauty of taking that journey in finding the love that lasts is that it is as much a journey of yourself--accepting yourself and loving yourself and how you appreciate the people that came and went in your life and how those experiences made you grow into the person you are now.

Find your own kind of love in Jollibee’s One True Pair the Movie exclusively on Jollibee Studios and find more lessons in love and life by subscribing to the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel.

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