Government Official Using Senator's Plate Number For Benefits

There is privilege when public officials use special license plates for their vehicles. It helps identify the official who is using them and what is their rank in the government. It also helps in ensuring security when used in convoys when the official is in transit. Many would also say that it could be used to avoid violations due to its status, and that is why many would like to have one on their cars.

These plates are only exclusive to the designated official such as the president, vice-president, senators etc. And they would only use them on assigned vehicles for official work. However, there has been a recent sighting of a non-high-ranking government official along EDSA on a white Escalade bearing the number 7 plate. It was rumored that the car is worth 10 million Pesos and is also bulletproof.
The vehicle is allegedly used to go to casinos and play golf. It was also seen using the bus lanes to avoid traffic and avoid traffic regulations. The official is said to be a father of a politician with a position in the government, also his citizenship is also in question and is known to be foe of environmentalists. 

It's clear that there is abuse of power just to reap the benefits starting with this powerful plate. And we hope that officials such as the Senators would notice and investigate this matter.

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