I Had My Face Improved With AestheFill by Luminisce

I know that I'm miles and miles to be on par with KPOP idols, however I do want to feel improvements with my face and skin. Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations offers a lot of treatments that are tested and done by professionals with the latest equipment and facilities.

It was my first time at Luminisce and I got to try their newest treatment called AestheFill.

Aesthefill is a facial treatment that provides deep tissue regeneration to reduce the signs of facial aging. Aesthefill is made of polylactic acid, which is a biocompatible and biodegradable substance, approved by the US FDA and also used in lifting thread materials.

For my treatment I had it in my nose area which gave it lift and volume. I'm happy that my procedure was handled by Dra. Kaycee Reyes who did a great job. It can also be applied in other areas of the face to bring some lift and reduce face lines to bring a more youthful look.

There were immediate results and the whole procedure was very quick. After the treatment you can continue with life without the downtime as the treatment has instant results. The fill will also biodegrade after a few months which ensures that it follows the natural way of biology of the face.

Dra. Kaycee also assures that other extrenal treatments can be done like facial, peels etc. can be done as does not affect the AestheFill treated area which is great for people wanting to get a lift yet also want to continue with their preferred skincare.

If you're interested about AestheFill and other quality skin services, go ahead and inquire at the nearest Luminisce in your area.

Before                                 After

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