Highly-Anticipated Crime Thriller Copycat Killer to Premiere Worldwide on March 31

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Adapted from a popular crime mystery novel by Japanese writer Miyuki Miyabe, Copycat Killer is set in ’90s Taipei and tells the story of the first-ever serial murder case in Taiwan. The Chinese-language crime thriller will be released on March 31 globally and exclusively on Netflix. 

Taking advantage of the widespread interest, the media-savvy serial killer turns the case into a national spectacle, fueling gossip and notoriety. A no-nonsense prosecutor, played by award-winning actor Wu Kang-ren, vows to solve the case only to realize that things are not what they seem. Meanwhile the killer repeatedly makes a mockery of law and justice as he seeks to destroy peace and order in society.

A masked serial killer takes control over the city in a series of heinous crimes

“Genre series are fascinating as you won’t figure out who the killer is, right until the end,” shared Wu, well-known for his versatile performances in Light The Night, Shards of Her and Mom! Don’t Do That. “Every character is connected by hidden threads, which unravel throughout the story. Likewise, I follow my character in exploring these threads, gradually forming a beautiful web of connections. I look forward to bringing viewers on the journey of discovering the masterful storytelling behind each thread.”

Other members of the star-studded cast includes Alice Ko, Tuo Tsung-hua, Yao Chun-yao, Fandy Fan, Cammy Chiang, and Hsia Teng-Hung, with a guest appearance by Ruby Lin (producer and leading actress of Light the Night). 

Wu Kang-ren, who plays a no-nonsense prosecutor, in pursuit of a media-savvy serial killer.

To produce a crime and mystery thriller of such intricacy, the production team spent over three years on preparation, adaptation, filming, and post-production. “It’s a pleasure to finally bring what we have worked on for so long to the audience,” said co-director Chang Jung-chi, who won the Taipei Film Awards Best Director for We Are Champions. “Beneath the thriller and detective story lies a story of how humanity struggles between good and evil.”

While most crime stories focus on details of the cases, Copycat Killer casts a wider net. “We hope to portray more facets of each character and their thoughts and reflections within an intriguing narrative,” explained co-director Henri Chang, who earned six Golden Bell nominations for Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner. “While the story begins with ‘evil’ as we know it, there is a lot more to reflect on and take away from the series.”

A co-production between Greener Grass Production and Nan Fang Film Productions, this gripping series is helmed by award-winning producers Hank Tseng and Phil Tang. “Copycat Killer depicts a story of how desires, when out of control, can cause evil to go viral in a city,” said Tseng. “We hope that the confluence and fluidity of good and evil in the series will be able to provide healing to our viewers in this world of madness, where a lot more can be done to help and support each other.”

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