Kim Seon-Ho's Blockbuster 'The Childe' A Chilling Action About A Korean-Filipino Boy Hits Philippine Cinemas July 5

The highly anticipated debut movie of Kim Seon-Ho, "The Childe," is set to captivate audiences as it premieres in Philippine cinemas nationwide on July 5, 2023. Following its successful release in various countries, the film has garnered exceptional reviews and proved to be a blockbuster hit.

The movie tells the heart-pumping chase story of an amateur boxer who is of mixed Korean and Filipino (Kopino) heritage. Kang Tae-ju, a talented K-drama actor, portrays the protagonist who faces the struggles of life in Manila while caring for his ailing mother. Driven by the desire to reunite with his father in Korea and build a better future, Tae-ju's efforts to locate his father through a local agency have been unsuccessful. Suddenly, a delegation from South Korea arrives, disclosing that Tae-ju's father, the chairman of a prosperous business empire, wishes to meet his long-lost son before time runs out.

As Tae-ju embarks on a journey to Seoul, he finds himself accompanied by an enigmatic assassin, played by the renowned K-drama star Kim Seon-ho. The true intentions of this mysterious character remain unclear, leaving Tae-ju and the audience in suspense, questioning whether he is an ally or adversary. 

Excitement awaits fans of Kim Seon Ho, renowned for his role in "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha," as the Philippines shines in this highly anticipated blockbuster, bringing delight to Filipino audiences. 


Fans are raving about the moments in the movie where Kim Seo-Ho speaks Tagalog lines. 

“Ang cute pls?!? Nagtagalog daw si Kin Seon Ho sa The Childe. Can’t wait to watch”, user @dearlydelewong remarked.

“My friend said nagtagalog daw si Kim Seon Ho sa The Childe ay kennattt”, another user tweeter.

Officially distributed in the Philippines by CreaZion Studios and Glimmer Productions, "The Childe" promises a thrilling cinematic experience that combines gripping storytelling, exceptional performances, and cultural significance.

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