Did The Flash Ran Beyond Its Challenges?

With the DCEU down to its last movies as it revives into a new era, we appreciate the DC fim closing the saga and the characters it brought, giving us powerful action and amusement  with powerful superheroes and villains. And it has been rumored that the new movie The Flash directed by Andres Muschietti will impact the current universe and it transitions into a new saga.

Headlined by Ezra Miller who played Barry Allen/The Flash in the Justice League, many wanted that all members should have their own individual movies. In the comics, The Flash is indeed pivotal with the change between universes that will also introduce the faces of our beloved superheroes. It was also impressive that Ezra Miller did differentiate the two Barrys thinking that they are separate actors.

Changing the timeline is not something new in superhero movies but they did weave a cohesive story that addresses also other time travel laws, paradoxes, and connects them into the multiverse predicament as well. Though expect not all questions will be given an answer, the set up at least avoids any major plot holes that critics would like to pick on.

Ezra Miller indeed embodied his flash persona/s which makes him stand out among the many flash incarnations in movies and films. Having the different Batmen in the film is both a look into the past, present and makes us excited about who will be the next one to earn the title of the Dark Knight and the world’s greatest detective. I feel that Batfleck would have a bigger role or adversary to at least give him a heroic send-off as the universe resets. Michael Keaton's Batman is a mix of nostalgia and reality check that they also grow old, yet their skills and wit remains.

We also loved Supergirl played by Sasha Calle, who was also a key character of the film, gave a fresh look on Kara Zor-El which showcases her powerful abilities. It would have been perfect if she had the opportunity to interact with Henry Cavil's Superman. 

Though one thing that many would notice is that some of the CGI which although has a creative spin to the concept of speed, time, and moments, seems unnatural and seems too whimsical for a live action film. So far this applies to scenes that includes the “chrono ball” and that fist rescue moment. The score that includes the original theme from Keaton's Batman did hype up how iconic his bat theme was.

Overall, it was not that bad, it was naturally entertaining. Indeed casting was perfect with their quirks adding personality to their characters. With the “reset” of a new universe comes more of a subtle plot, the fast adventure indeed worth the run.

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