Richie Cuna Proves He's An Exceptional Entrepreneur With Successful Brands

It comes as no surprise that another recognition for the CEO and founder of Milkin Corporation, Mr. Richie Cuna is on the way, because of establishing three reliable and resilient brands Fiorgelato, Donburimix, Kurimi Milk Tea Bar.

They say for anyone to be successful in business, it takes instincts more than academic preparation to make it work. But our seasoned entrepreneur is quick to dispel that myth. He used both his academic preparation and wisdom gained from experience, to propel Milkin Corporation to its meteoric rise in the most unprecedented time in Philippine business history.

Since 2019, during the height of the Covid 19 lockdowns, the company has seen dynamic growth which is happening despite the discomfort brought about by challenges of the pandemic and post-pandemic. Clearly a big adjustment had to be made from the traditional business set-up to the hybrid model. But his experience to navigate uncharted waters in business, while simultaneously building pillars for community development, makes him a wizard at handling uncertainty. His vast network includes local and international affiliations. His most notable roles are composed of being a founding member of ICSB International Council for Small Business ( Founding Director), PCCI Qc ( Board of Trustee), PFA ( Philippine Franchise Association) Franchise Director for NCR. These functions helped him execute a strategic economic development plan.

Between 2019-2023, the corporation is poised to expand to over 80 plus branches nationwide, while being open to global business expansion. The goal is to serve almost every province in the country while being open to international growth opportunities. Truly, he is a master of socially responsible entrepreneurship because his platform includes generating more jobs for the vulnerable, while developing their potential. He is also keen on hiring the best people to do their jobs, in areas where unique creativity is needed.

His community service includes his 18 years of devotion through GO Negosyo, mentoring new entrepreneurs and experienced ones, who seek his counsel. He has built an ecosystem where profit, people and investors, win altogether. It is an agenda he has been steadfastly working on, to make an established reality for all stakeholders. Investors love to do business with him, because he has demonstrated over three decades of excellence, and resilience. He can rest on his laurels, but his passion to build and grow an innovative brand in the country is a fuel for him. The company is also fast becoming a global franchise because he is well-loved by new and old game-changers in business.

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