Share your favorite BTS songs with the latest in-app experience on Spotify - My Top 5: BTS Songs

Celebrate the group’s 10th year anniversary with an exclusive interactive experience on Spotify!

Over the last decade, BTS has captured the world's attention, emerging as a cultural phenomenon and propelling K-pop onto the global stage. With an ARMY of devoted fans, BTS has touched hearts with their music — from fun, dance-worthy tunes to their heartfelt and moving songs.

To celebrate the 10-year journey of this powerhouse K-pop group and their incredible discography, leading audio platform Spotify and BTS launches today a curated love letter experience for Spotify listeners:  My Top 5: BTS Songs.

While renowned for hits like Grammy-nominated bop “Dynamite” and the ultra-smooth pop track “Butter”, BTS has treated fans with diverse music and amazing songwriting throughout their career: from long-time favorite "Spring Day" with its beautiful symbolism of changing seasons, to the most recently released "Take Two", which expresses their appreciation for their fans.

With My Top 5: BTS Songs listeners now have the opportunity to rank and curate their personal favorite songs from a selection of BTS discography, and then share their picks with friends on social media.

BTS curated this special selection with Spotify that celebrates their collective discography of the past decade for the in-app experience (the selection of songs does not include the full BTS catalog or songs by other artists where BTS is featured). Here's how it works*:

Make sure your mobile app is up to date with the latest version available in the App store. 

Visit on your device.

The experience will present a curated selection of BTS songs and allow you to select your five favorite songs. Drag and reorder them in the visual display to create your definitive list.

You’ll then receive a personalized digital card with your selections to share and compare on social media. Plus, for the first time in My Top 5, you can select a sharecard that showcases your BTS group bias — the member who holds a special place in your heart!

"Each step of our journey together has been unique and has sounded different along the way. We hope many people enjoy this new experience with Spotify’s My Top 5: BTS Songs and share their favorites with us," BTS shares.

My Top 5: BTS Songs marks the next iteration of this Spotify interactive experience after seeing massive success with other iconic artists, including The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and ROSALÍA, which received an overwhelming response from fans worldwide.

* The My Top 5: BTS Songs experience will be available in 48 markets: US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Kuwait, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Botswana, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and 15 languages: English, English-GB, French-CA, French, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Spanish-LATAM, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, German, Bahasa Indonesia


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