#ManualToJapan: Nagoya City Science Museum

Aside from shopping and events, Nagoya also offers an educational experience with the Nagoya City Science Museum. Located in Sakae, near the shopping district and Mirai tower, is the impressive architecture of the museum with its two buildings joined by a massive spherical structure which is where the planetarium is located. From afar it seems like a spaceship, or the death star from Star Wars though indeed the feeling is something astronomical and somehow futuristic. This is also how I felt when I went to The Mind Museum in BGC. In this case, it is much bigger and much exciting with what it can offer.

The science geek in me was awakened with the 6 floors of interactive set up, creative dioramas, and incredible display of items from scientific disciplines. From physics, chemistry, biology, geology among some of the branches of science that one can learn hands on which is perfect for young learners. They can indeed show you how science runs the world and continues to improve lives.

The exhibits can be enjoyed by both young and old, which seems like playing for children for some of the interactive installations, yet adults also learn with labels and explanations written and sometimes with the help of museum staff.

They also hold special exhibits for special topics or themes, catering to a more niche audience. Mostly made with very family-oriented exhibitions, they also include challenging concepts that would spark curiosity and deeper interests with various subjects. 

I was able to see a real life Rocketship, vortex machine, and other science stuff that other museums would have a few. It's also a great place to take pictures which seem out of the world. My favorite part of the museum is astronomy floor inside the spherical section of the museum just below the planetarium. With samples of instruments, satellites, and more interactive spaces.

The planetarium is recognized as the largest of its kind in the world and made with special seats that recline and sway to give the audience the immersive experience of the vast sky. though seats are limited to make sure the quality of seats for its viewers. 

Narration and commentary are in Japanese yet some parts do feature English words and explanations. The show was visually stunning but needs more flair in storytelling. Though they can include upcoming celestial phenomena which suits the season and the weather conditions.

After the museum experience, you can grab ice cream or udon at the restaurant located at the ground floor. And don't forget to take those selfies outside the building where you can also see the segmented space rocket and train. After that you can check the park beside it which also has a playground, fountain and open field. The museum closes around 6PM which they also close the perimeter so better come and watch early if you want to enjoy the museum more.

Overall, it is one of the best museum experiences I had as it is also my first here in Japan. Definitely a must visit when in Nagoya, which you can also segue into shopping as it is walking distance to the shops in Sakae.

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