Taste The Best Donburi of Osaka At Don Don Tei Galleria

This March, Filipino food enthusiasts are in for a culinary treat as Gourmet Kineya opens the very first Don Don Tei restaurant in Manila. Known for serving “Osaka’s finest Donburi,” Don Don Tei is located at the second level of Robinsons Galleria (ADB Wing), and brings with it a menu that has been thoughtfully adapted to cater to the Filipino palate, while showcasing an exquisite array of Japan’s most celebrated rice bowls and desserts.

“The arrival of Don Don Tei in the Philippines furthers Gourmet Kineya's dedication to sharing the joy of simple, delicious, and affordable meals with the world,” says Hideto Nishijima, Managing Director of Business Strategy & Planning.  At Don Don Tei, also known as Kineya Don Don Tei, we believe in the philosophy of 'Easy Japanese' - where simplicity meets taste. Our extensive training with Japanese culinary experts and our strict adherence to quality ingredients ensure that each meal served is not just a dish, but an experience.”


Their specially curated selection ensures a dish for every preference, blending the warmth of traditional rice bowls with the crisp pleasure of perfectly fried tempura. Experience the crunch of their Tempura Specials from their Special Ebi Tendon with Black Tiger Prawns, Ebi Tendon, to the must-try Kakiage Ebi Tendon.

Don Don Tei’s offers a selection of donburi that cater to every taste. From the comforting Gyudon, with its thinly sliced beef and onions simmered in a sweet sauce over rice, to the luxurious Wagyu Yakiniku Don, where grilled Wagyu beef reveals the smoky essence of Japanese barbecue, each bowl is a celebration of flavor. The Sukiyaki Jyu, with its rich mix of beef, vegetables, and tofu in a sweet soy broth, adds a touch of decadence to the menu.

Those who prefer pork can opt for Katsudon, which combines the crispiness of a breaded pork cutlet with the comforting warmth of eggs and the sharp tang of onions. Tonkatsu Don features a crispy, breaded pork cutlet drizzled with a tangy sauce. Katsu Curry marries the crunchy texture of a breaded pork cutlet with the rich, complex flavors of Japanese curry.

Chicken Donburi includes Oyakodon which symbolizes the parent-and-child relationship through its use of chicken and egg over rice. This bowl is a soothing blend of savory chicken and gently cooked eggs, creating a dish that’s as wholesome as it is comforting. The Chicken Karaage Don showcases Japanese-style fried chicken served over rice with a tangy sauce. Chicken Teriyaki Don brings together the savory sweetness of teriyaki sauce with tender chicken, served over rice. Then there’s Chicken Karaage Curry that combines crispy fried chicken with the spiced richness of Japanese curry over rice.

Don Don Tei likewise feature Fish/Seafood Donburi.  Unajyu features grilled eel basted in a sweet sauce, served over rice in a traditional lacquered box. The eel's tender texture, combined with the caramelized sauce, makes for an elegant dish that's rich in flavor and tradition. Grilled Mackerel emphasizes the natural flavors of the sea with perfectly grilled mackerel served over rice. Salmon Teriyaki fuses the rich flavors of salmon with a sweet and savory teriyaki glaze, served over rice.

Each of these pork, chicken, and fish donburi dishes at Don Don Tei is a testament to the culinary craftsmanship that Japanese cuisine is known for, offering diners a chance to explore a variety of flavors and textures in a single bowl.

To further enrich the dining experience, each donburi order comes paired with miso soup. Diners also have the option to upgrade their meal to a Teishoku version, which includes side dishes like potato salad, green beans and carrots kobachi, and Tsubozuke pickles.

For those with a penchant for soba, the Don Don Tei offers a selection between hot and cold variations, with a special mention of the Niku Soba for beef enthusiasts. The beverage menu delights with a Yuzu series, featuring refreshing options like peach, raspberry, rose lemonade, and ginger beer, making for perfect meal accompaniments.

While their donburi bowls takes center stage in Don Don Tei’s menu, their dessert menu offers its own sweet allure, presenting traditional Japanese treats with a modern twist. Among these delectable offerings, the Monaka Ice and Mochi Ice Cream stand out, providing a perfect, refreshing finale to a sumptuous meal.

Crafted using the traditional Japanese confection known as Monaka Shells, the Monaka Ice encapsulates a delightful blend of textures and flavors. These shells, thin wafers fashioned from mochi, offer a crisp contrast to the smooth, rich ice cream nestled within. This combination of the crispy Monaka Shells with lusciously sweet ice cream creates a dessert experience that's both unique and immensely satisfying. Diners can choose from either Vanilla Monaka Ice, Cheese Monaka Ice, or Green Tea with Azuki Monaka Ice.

While Monaka Ice offers a crisp experience, the Mochi Ice Cream at Don Don Tei comes in a softer, more delicate dessert option. Traditionally served as mochi balls encasing a flavorful scoop of ice cream, Don Don Tei's version elevates this popular dessert by wrapping the ice cream in thin, soft mochi sheets. This subtle twist not only enhances the texture but also the overall enjoyment of the ice cream, allowing the flavors to meld beautifully in each bite. Don Don Tei likewise offers three flavors; Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream with Strawberry; Cheese Mochi Ice Cream with Strawberry; or Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream with Azuki.

Gourmet Kineya: A Legacy of Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Don Don Tei, which translates to "Rice Bowl House," made its debut in Abeno, Osaka, in November 1988. Starting with a modest 14-seat bar, it has since grown into a beloved chain with a presence in Hong Kong, the United States, and now, the Philippines.

Its parent company, Gourmet Kineya, has been at the forefront of bringing authentic Japanese dishes to diners since its inception in 1967. With over 400 shops spread across Japan, the company has built a reputation for excellence, rooted in its guiding principles: simplicity, convenience, taste, and affordability. These principles have not only shaped the brand's approach to dining but have also paved the way for its international expansion, including the much-anticipated opening of Don Don Tei in the Philippines.

Marissa So, Executive Vice President of Oishi Gourmet Foods, Inc., the company that franchised Don Don Tei, further revealed that the team at Don Don Tei, from the kitchen to the service staff, has undergone rigorous training with Japanese experts. “The high-quality ingredients, from the sauces to the meats, and even the presentation of every bowl, have been strictly supervised to meet the company's high standards. This commitment ensures that each dish served not only tastes authentic but also represents the meticulous care and attention to detail that Japanese cuisine is known for.”

The commitment to authenticity is palpable behind the scenes, with the team, spanning kitchen to service, having undergone extensive training under Japanese experts. Every component, from the rice, the sauces to the meats and the presentation of each dish, is subject to rigorous standards, underscoring every served bowl as a pledge to quality and authenticity. The launch of Don Don Tei in the Philippines marks a significant chapter in Gourmet Kineya's journey, as it brings the legacy of authentic Japanese cuisine from Japan to an even wider audience.

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