Finding Manila's Buffet Gem At Marcelino Cafe

Good buffet places are hard to find these days though we have a lot of various kinds of these eat-all-you-can places which if you would experience is either has little food choices and some of the menu offers nothing new and exciting. To get diverse food choices, they would come with a more expensive price. But to get that balance, I got to go to experience Marcelino Cafe at the Manila Prince Hotel located along San Marcelino Street and United Nations Avenue.

Marcelino Cafe is continently located near Manila's prime spots for tourism, education, institutions and food. Something that you can add with your itinerary when you go around Manila. They offer lunch and dinner buffet which has a wide selection of dishes of Asian and western cuisines.

Some of the dishes they offer includes Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Italian, and more and would make sure that they offer something different every day to provide customers variety with every visit. The interiors of the Marcelino Cafe are very cozy that makes dining more relaxed and stations easy to be accessed and with the help of the very friendly staff.

As Marcelino Cafe and Manila Prince Hotel are affiliated with The Manila Hotel, the quality of service and food is indeed top notch. Despite being close to many city activities, Marcelino Cafe keeps a chill and relaxed ambiance which secludes itself with the noise and traffic of the outside world.

What is also interesting with this buffet is the unique dishes you can rarely find in other buffet places. For example, the Tanigue Sashimi which is as good as Salmon Sashimi. They also have Mongolian Barbecue, Korean Barbecue, and their Indian dishes are also great finds in their selection.

Marcelino Cafe's food, ambiance and charm is indeed perfect for dates, tourists, and everyone who like to enjoy a wide variety of dishes should definitely add this to their must visit places to dine especially going the around the busy life of the city of Manila.

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