BLAH BLAH BLOGS: Summer Specials!

Yes! its officially summer, as declared by PAG-ASA and we open up summer with another edition of Blah Blah Blogs 2011 Summer Specials! And as things are getting warmer with the weather, the happenings in the country are also getting hotter. One of which is today is also Komikon Summer bayanihan  at Pasig. The premiere pinoy comics convention is moving to the Bayanihan center from UP Bahay ng Alumni.I would also sell my comics there, unfornately, my new release would be delayed due to  financial constraints. However, better enjoy the moment!

There is also the Blogger fest happening at Thunderbird Resort in Rizal, over 200 bloggers will be there, of course minus myself and as of this writing some cannot sleep because of excitement. Some would also go to the Firefox 4 launch in Makati. And to cap the day, The Script will perform for just one night. I wanna go there!

Now aside from the merry events I would also talk about hot issues. One of which is the "Jan-jan" scandal wherein a little boy unexpectedly showed his talent which was originally to dance but turns out to be a 'macho dancer' but the controversy comes because he was crying while performing the dance. He would dance whenever the music is played thus repeating the same action over and over again. This sparked controversy with celebrities and the MTRCB which also lead to what is seems to be a deja vu of his past controversies when he was with ABS CBN. TV5 recently  stated that the show will be on hiatus to be filled with replays of the show while the case is still discussed.Well one thing is for sure, we hate child abuse our statuses but child abuse is mostly happens inside of homes yet there is no concrete action to fight this aside from Bantay Bata.

Also another child hot topic is with the CBCP. Aside from the highly publicized RH bill, it seems like a strict parent when in come to media and advertising.  They  halted the BFGF commercial of Mcdonalds due to the concept of having a girlfriend and they said it seems to be cheap as the french fries . I'm not a parent yet, but to think your kids are already thinking of going into a relationship is hard to tell if this would be puppy love or another. Proper parental guidance is always the key here. Probably if we would remove the world 'girlfriend', it would be different.

Next week is holy week, time to reflect and spend most of our day in prayer. While some maybe hitting the beaches (pronounce it right please), majority would be in their own pilgrimages, pabasa sessions, or even bisita iglesia. I might come with another 'panata' project so there would be the element of reflection and blogging during those days.

And as Easter arrives, we would now be another start, hopefully I will be able to get my pay and buy a gadget I really wanted to have for my birthday! I'll be also posting my wishlist and if you can provide these things for me, I will give you my warmest thank you hug! I enjoyed blogging again this way, more free to express my feelings and also not filtered by any editor, even the CBCP.  I don;t have any grudges against anyone, but better to face another day with a smile and never ending blogging!

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