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Coughing is a reflex that serves several functions. It helps protect the lungs by clearing airways of secretions and foreign particles. In most cases, coughing may also be a symptom of an underlying condition or illness.

How would you know if your child's cough is simply a case of the body doing its job, or a sign of a more serious ailment? It all depends on the type, character and severity of the cough, and how long it lasts.
Know if your child's cough is simply a case of the body doing its job, or a sign of a more serious ailment.

Common types of cough

Basically, there are two types of cough : productive and non-productive.

Productive cough is usually due to a viral or bacterial infection. This type of cough expels the phlegm which was formed in our respiratory passages so abnormal amounts of mucus and germs are eliminated from the respiratory tract making breathing easier. This type of cough is commonly seen in asthmatics where it is accompanied by “wheezing” sounds due to constriction of the respiratory passages due to infection, fever may ensue.

Non-productive cough is dry, tickling and irritating. This cough can be caused by phlegm that is so viscous that it is not loosened and expectorated. It may have an allergic or neurotic origin and in worst cases caused by an underlying disease. This type of cough is commonly seen in “smokers” due to the irritation of the respiratory passages to the inhaled smoke.

Natural and safe remedy for cough

In some cases, the cough will just run its course and get resolved after complete rest, fluid intake, and proper nutrition. However, there are instances when medication is necessary, especially when it reaches the point of discomfort. In these cases, a natural medication like ASCOF Lagundi Syrup is a dependable and effective cough remedy.

Made from 100% Lagundi leaves, ASCOF Lagundi works in three ways : : one, it opens up the bronchial tubes to facilitate airflow, making it easier for the patient to breathe; two, it dissolves mucus to make it easier to expel from the body; and three, it reduces the inflammation in the respiratory passages due to its anti-histaminic action.

Because it is natural, ASCOF has an advantage over chemical cough medicines because it does not have the negative side effects commonly seen in chemical-based medicines. Clinical tests indicate no adverse reactions among those who use ASCOF. This means that in the long term, ASCOF Lagundi is safer to use than chemical cough formulations. Furthermore, some studies indicate that using chemical cough medicines are potentially dangerous to children as it may cause respiratory distress and can even make some children hyperactive and irritable.
ASCOF Lagundi Syrup is a dependable and effective cough remedy.

When it comes to figuring out your child's cough, it pays to listen. How a cough sounds like—along with its accompanying symptoms—will tell you a lot about its cause so you will be able treat it properly.

Using a natural cough remedy like ASCOF Lagundi will not only help your child feel better – it will also make moms like you feel more safe. And remember, if the cough persists, it is still best to consult your doctor.

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