BPI takes Wealth Management into New Heights with Investment 3.0

As BPI celebrates its 160th year in the banking industry, they made another innovation to bring finance management into a new light and technology. On April 26, they introduced Investment 3.0. With the convenience of the internet and the security of its servers, this makes investors aim for great future stability with the help of Investment Councilors always available. 

Themed Investment 3.0, BPI Asset Management exhibits its latest innovation in the banking industry - BPI Investments Online, a new online facility through which the bank’s clients can maximize the use of internet to manage their assets, transact, and access their investment portfolio, without the restraint of time or place. 
Through BPI Investments Online, BPI enables customers to apply, inquire and transact investment funds via the internet platform. The project is part of the Bank’s commitment, through the Asset Management and Trust Group (BPI Asset Management), to educate and empower Filipinos on how they could build wealth through investments, thereby converting savers into savvy investors.

Clients can now enjoy the convenience of initiating investment transactions through the internet quickly, inexpensively, and virtually anytime, anywhere. With the launch of this online facility, investors can easily make transactions that would otherwise entail clients to visit their branch. Clients can now access portfolio information, explore further investment opportunities, subscribe to additional funds, redeem investments, and make regular contributions via the Regular Subscription Plan (RSP) at their utmost convenience.

President and CEO
Bank of the Philippine Islands

Mario T. Miranda

Vice President and Head of Wealth Management
Asset Management and Trust Group
Senior Vice President
Group Head and Chief Investment Officer
Asset Management and Trust Group
“With the onset of our 160th year in serving Filipinos, we are staying true to our tradition of leadership and technological innovation,” says SVP Maria Theresa Marcial-Javier, Group head and chief investment officer of BPI Asset Managment. “We continue to remain relevant and even one step ahead as we move toward technology that will make it easy for our clients to make their money work for them."

Ms. Javier adds, “We’ve migrated our investment facility online to take advantage of the pervasive internet technology that will empower our investor clients to transact anywhere at any time at their convenience. This frees up more of their precious time that could be spent on other important business agenda or with their families. Truly, growing and managing investment funds is easy with BPI Asset Management.”

Banking via the internet is getting more popular to investors for the ways it saves in time and costs. I am looking forward to make my investments in the future. It does pay to make organize investments to make us financially smart and secure.

To find out more about BPI’s Investments Online Facility and its services, interested parties may visit www.bpiassetmanagement.com, or visit any BPI branch near you.

photo credits from jeman villanueva.

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