MUSIC LYF: Kris Aquino's New Album My Heart's Journey

Kris Aquino's life is not exclusive to a single song, that is why she launches her own albums that include songs close to her heart, especially for healing and reflection. Kris Aquino, despite being the presidential sister and a top media celebrity. Also with all her relationships were not that all blooming and rainbows, she still would stand strong for her family and her kids. Thus another song in the pages in her biography.

She launched her 5th album under Universal Records (first being "Songs of Love and Healing," which reached double platinum in sales; second, "Love and Inspiration" which reached gold in sales; third, "The Greatest Love" which reached platinum in sales; and fouth is "Blessings of Love") entitled "My Heart's Journey."

My Heart's Journey is a spoken word, special collector's edition CD that features 15 tracks chronicling seven inspiring phases from Kris Aquino's journey in her colorful life, with love in all its many forms at the center being the unifying element.

The first segment in the CD is MY Journey: The Broken Road. Contrary to what the title may seem to suggest, this chapter documents the paradoxical nature of Kris' life which is characterized by the right blend of trials and triumphs which essentially fuels here immense love for life. Here Toni Gonzaga performs GOD BLESS THE BROKEN ROAD and KC Concepcion delivers a soulful rendition of WHAT ABOUT LOVE.

In My Journey: The Road Of Love Kris Opens up her heart as she narrates the strong interconnection between love ballads and her romantic experiences in the past six years. Kris valiantly attempts to uncover the mysteries of falling in and out of love. In the process, she eventually emerges victorious by accepting both the pains and joys of falling in love. Christian Bautista gives a masculine twist to LOVE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS while Jed Madela dishes out a chilling interpretation of ONLY LOVE and TO WHERE YOU ARE. Karylle re-interpreted and breathed life to the seminal classic IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE.

My Journey: The Road To God expresses Kris' spiritual, almost transcendental  journey  as she completely surrenders her life to the infinite love of God. Similar to her current Petron endorsement, Kris professes that the example of her being a segurista is her absolute faith in God. Here, Kris Gail Blanco performs I WILL BE HERE and IN YOUR EYES while the inimitable tandem of Regine Velasquez and Lani Misalucha shines in their rendition of WHEN YOU BELIEVE.

Kris demystifies the misconceived notion that she  has everything anyonce could dream of by baring her deepest hopes and aspirations. My Journey: The Road of Expectations clearly proves that first and foremost, Kris is human, and a woman whose sincerest desire is to be loved, valued and respected for who she is and nothing else. Zsa Zsa Padilla gives a divinely soothing rendition of I'D REALLY LOVE TO SEE YOU TONIGHT.

Kris' emotional maturity and wisdom which is fulfilling result of many years of heartbreak and heartache is communicated in My Journey: The Road to Understanding as Nina belts out I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS.

Kris' celebrates the healing power of letting go and moving on in My Journey: The Road of Forgiveness as Jed Madela performs HEALING. Jed Madela's rendition of BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES sums-up the great possibility of Kris to fall in love and accept romance once again in My Journey: The Road of Redemption. Christian Bautista performs a bonus tracj dedicated by Goldilocks to Kris for her birthday entitled ARAW MO.

And here is a little treat, as I present to you Christian Bautista's Live performace at the media launch that happened April 5, 2011 at Anabele's Tomas Morato. Amidst the controversies that is happening to her life, this album serves as her affirmation that she is still loved and also as a refuge for her to make her a better person.

My Heart's Journey is available in all leading record bars nationwide and it also comes with a special journal containing inspiring life-changing quotes written by Kris herself.

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