TRASLACION 2013: A Decade of Faith

2013 is very special year for me, because it's my 10th year as a devotee of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo. I actually started the devotion back in high school , and every year , I made sure to go there as a thanksgiving to all the things I have today . But do not go barefoot or pull the ropes, I would go there to attend Mass and offer prayers and thanksgiving . Sometimes it had crossed my mind if I tried to take part, however when I took a closer look at the wild chaotic rope bearers , I assessed that is not my nature and I would need intensive training for that. I do want to live long enough to see my prayers were answered.

Actually , it's not really necessary to battle it out for one to get to the Nazarene , it just so happened that there were too many devotees of the Black Nazarene , as if it was a war zone just to touch an inch of the Nazarene . Well , because of this, devotee critics denounce the fanaticism of the statue of Jesus. But I realized that FAITH in God  have provoked them into doing unusual  yet spiritual things . However it's just sad that there are some "devotees" who still continue on their sinful routine in their lives despite doing these sacrifices which loses the value of faith to the Nazarene.

The TRASLACION or transferring of the "Poon" from Ermita to Quiapo which dates back 400 years ago, as the procession is conducted every January 9, It is also done on Good Friday in Lent during Holy Week . From then on, the feast of the Black Nazarene has became a devout tradition for Filipino Catholics as well as the devotions and festivals for the Sto . Nino . In the past years, there were a lot of things and programs done by the Festival Organizers from the Quiapo church to make it very significant and more secure. They prepared all the things needed, around the church, the coach, logistics , medical teams , liturgical services , security et cetera . And for the millions who come here , the concern always is the big security risk. Last year, cellphone signals was cut off due to treats of terrorism which thankfully did not happen.

But the festival is not made to make everyone feel disturbed . To make it more fun and meaningful, it should always be rooted in prayer . You can even go on a kind of reflection to see in yourself if you had become  a good follower of Christ . Remember that he did say that  "Follow me and take up your cross". Well of course, not literally getting a physical cross per se, but from there , you will find yourself if you go because  to the feast either you to show your faith or him your wishing well .

There are many life lessons you learn from the feast of the Black Nazarene , not only is he an gathering of many people, or  a contest on who can get to the Nazarene first . The most important thing is how you prove and live out the faith in you.

Viva Senor Nazareno!

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