XSTIG: AMD New Processors Launched

Its time to get an upgrade, and with most of us having a lot of tasks to do and love to play hard on their computers, the need for fast response, multi-functional, and efficient parts are needed especially the processor. 

With most of us not really into the technical details of the computers, which most buyers would just look on external factors in buying one, we should also know how to make our computers better with the right parts. Its actually not that complicated. Like the basics of computers, aside from the input and output devices (ie. keyboard, mouse, monitor), the most important part of the computer is the PROCESSOR. Considered as the "heart" of the computer as it performs millions to billions of computations to keep up with the task the user demands. 

And since there is a growing need to do more things in the computer, the one the needs to be  concerned of is the processing unit. With more computers and smartphones penetrating the market and homes, it would be optimal for people to make sure that the ones they have can keep up with their usage.

AMD, one of the leading companies who manufacture fast and efficient processors are up to the challenge of the digital age with the launch of the newest line of processors that will available for different kinds of computers, either it be branded, clone or laptops.

In the press launch, they showed performance tests of the new processors versus the competitions, and results show a amazing large margin in terms of performance and even in price. Thus AMD not only give optimal performance but also something budget friendly which consumers will be very happy.

Now lets talk about the actual performance, of course I have to experience it myself to prove the difference. And as a heavy user of many programs left and right, my problem is usually the slow response of my computer and sometimes the fatal crash of the programs. First, I tried HD gaming which I know is prone to lags and poor graphics, However, I was impressed with the fluid graphics and and quick response when using several controls. 

How about multitasking you say? This brings me to the another set up of the computer using 3 monitors. Yes, it can be customized to work with multiple monitors without compromising performance. To test its effectiveness, I was able to run two different HD movies using two different programs and also have  as spare space to do internet and checking on the CPU usage is not at a red level which mean I can still open more and work at all of them at the same time. Other processors might have have froze with this set up.

With this, I definitely agree that AMD processors does deliver optimal performance that will satisfy light to heavy computer users. They are also in the works for having their processors in tablets that made me smile since I plan to have a tablet this year. You don't have to be a computer wizard to know that you can improve computer usage. Just in case you are looking for additional information about the products like the AMD FX you can look at some specifications below. 

New AMD FX Line-Up Brings Faster Speeds and Higher Performance Core over Previous Generation to PC Enthusiasts and Gamers 

The Guinness World Record-holding AMD FX Series Delivers a Stunning PC Experience with up to Eight Unlocked “Piledriver” Cores Running up to 4.2 GHz

AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced an update to the Guinness World Record-setting1 AMD FX family of central processing units (CPUs) that continues the brand’s history of delivering a fully unlocked and customizable experience for performance desktop PC users. At the heart of the latest AMD FX processor is the new “Piledriver” multi-core architecture that offers up to a 15 percent increase in performance at a lower price than the previous generation2 – with the highest-performing AMD FX processors starting at less than $200. The increased performance from the latest architecture is designed for multi-threaded applications like content creation, video and audio encoding, and games, allowing users extreme responsiveness and mega-tasking performance.

“Gamers and PC enthusiasts who buy AMD FX processors have even more to cheer about with the increased speeds and value we are delivering starting today,” said Leslie Sobon, vice president of Desktop and Component Products, AMD. “After introducing the industry’s first and only eight-core desktop processor last year, we now have even faster stock frequencies and an all-new, high-performance x86 core architecture to satisfy power-users.”

The AMD FX opens the door to a world of possibilities when combined with other AMD technologies, like an AMD 9-Series chipset motherboard and AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series graphics cards with AMD Eyefinity technology multi-monitor support. AMD also provides downloadable software upgrades that free the creative user to push 
performance with the AMD OverDrive™ utility, manage their gaming with AMD Catalyst™ Control Center, or harness the power of multiple graphic cards working in parallel with AMD CrossFire™ technology3.
"After what we've seen of the previous generation of AMD FX Series, the overclockers at HWBOT are very eager to find out what the new AMD FX Series will bring to the game," said Frederik Colardyn, founder and CEO of the competitive overclocking site, HWBOT.org. "As the previous generation shattered the frequency world record, pushing it to a new high, we hope to see the new AMD FX Series raise the bar even further.”
Starting today, the new AMD FX CPUs will be available from global retailers.

Specifications FX-8350 FX-8320 FX-6300 FX-4300 

Suggested Retail Price $195 $169 $132 $122 

# of CPU Cores               8        8        6      4 
Max Frequency             4.2      4.0     4.1    4.0 
L2 cache (KB per core)  1024   1024   1024  1024 
L3 cache (Total MBs)       8        8        8
External Memory 1866 MHz DDR3 1866 MHz DDR3 1866 MHz DDR3 1866 MHz DDR3 
Unlocked                           X       X        X            X
AVX Instructions               X       X        X            X
AES Support                    X       X        X            X
FMA                                 X       X        X            X

Industry Support

ASRock: “The new AMD FX Series is perfect for performance-driven PC enthusiasts,” said James Lee, ASRock vice president of Sales and Marketing. “We are beyond thrilled to inform users that our new ASRock motherboards work seamlessly and give full play to the AMD FX Series.”

Asus: “A year ago, the FX Series broke records and we’re excited about the 15 percent increased performance this year,” said Joe Hsieh, general manager of Asus’ Motherboard Business Unit. “We produce a large number of motherboards each month and are always committed to providing customers with an unmatched PC experience. The update to the FX Series allows us to continue to outfit our motherboards with leading processor performance.” 

GIGABYTE: “The latest AMD FX Series CPUs provide PC builders eight power cores, great for multi-threaded applications and extreme multitasking,” commented Henry Kao, vice president of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. “GIGABYTE’s AM3+ series motherboards together with the latest AMD’s second generation AMD FX Series CPUs will ensure our customers are getting unparalleled features and processor performance from their AMD platform.”
MSI: “The increased speeds and value offered by the latest AMD FX Series gives overclockers and performance enthusiasts the responsiveness needed for any task,” said Ted Hung, MSI vice president of Mainboard Department. “When the FX Series is paired with an MSI AM3+ mainboard, not only do users get maximum performance, but they’re also taking advantage of our OC Genie II technology providing military-class stability and intelligent overclocking within just one second.”

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