Welcoming The New Year With With Sky Lanterns at Light Up NUVALI

The New Year is upon us and ending 2012 should be something unique and significant. And I won't pass on the opportunity to try out this. On Rizal Day, December 30, We went to Nuvali, the premiere eco city in Laguna which is now becoming a popular place for people and nature, conducted their annual Sky Lantern event which will light up the Laguna sky. It will be my first time to fly these lanterns and also make a wish for 2013 and beyond.

Nuvali is also the perfect place for Sky Lanterns as it would be hazardous to fire when done in the urban area. And with the multitudes of lanterns flying up is a great sight to see as they appear like stars floating up to the sky. Which also reminds you of an animated movie which also had their annual sky lanterns. The lanterns are also specially made to prevent fire incidents with eco friendly materials. 

Two people are needed to hold a lantern to make a successful flight. As a first-timer, it was cool and a such a picturesque moment, which gave me an idea for these to conduct pre-nup photoshoots. Everyone will really enjoy flying and watching the lanterns go up and drift up to the sky, this tradition is done in many Asian countries like Thailand, China, and Vietnam. Now it will also be a "eco" tradtion in the the place where people and nature thrive, NUVALI.

The NUVALI Year-End Celebration

Another year ends, and as we welcome the new year, NUVALI, the country's largest eco city once again leads up in celebrating the new year the evoliving way with LIGHT UP NUVALI, the annual year end celebration.

Successfully launched last year, this unique way of welcoming the new year comes back with even more activities for the family. The highlight is the lantern parade, where various stakeholders, online winners as well as other participants gather at the infamous man made lake to release hundreds of "wish lanterns" into the cool tranquil NUVALI sky: symbolically letting go of the previous year and wishing good fortune for the next. The event utilizes specially commissioned eco lanterns.

The activity was also an opportunity to learn the proper way of using wish lanterns as sky lanterns experts and fire marshalls present during the event oriented in public on this eco friends alternative to fireworks.

Other activities includes arts and craft lessons where people are taught to make various items such as resolution magnets or year long reminders, time capsules, and eco noise makers from water bottles.

To lend the festive mood LED poi dances, drummers, acoustic singers were also present.

NUVALI is a thriving eco-city by Ayala Land - with a wide range of residential, retail, institutional, recreational, and commercial offerings woven into green buffer areas, ravine parks, tree nurseries, green homes, and sustainable infrasrtucture - that is contunously developing to be a regional growth hub not just in Laguna but the entire CALABARZON area.

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