LAKBAYAN: Cafe Lupe at Rizal Park

Luneta has indeed reinvented itself from the dark days years ago. And as featured here in MTL with amazing transformation of the biggest urban park in the Philippines can now again claim its glory as a tourist destination for both foreign and local tourists. 

And with the Christmas and New Year season giving time for people to go out and spend time with family and friends. And indeed it was filled with a sea of people going around the park for the free concerts, bazaars, and the park features like the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, Kilometer Zero marker, Quirino Grandstand, and of course the Rizal Monument.

Also one of the best places in the park is the musical fountain which was also restored recently with a lights and sounds show at night. Probably the best sight to be especially when the sun starts to set. It's the perfect moment for something relaxing, which we could say a "chill" moment. You would wish to have a drink like a cold beer to savor the moment, and actually Cafe Lupe can give you that without going far around the park.

Cafe Lupe at the Park is like an oasis for the park visitors for some drinks, grub and even songs from their videoke machine. Located in what used to be an unused art gallery shaped like a cave with its rooftop having a great view of the fountain area. 

It was also a perfect time to have a gathering of THE ROAD TRIPPERS who have gone to many places in 2012. With affordable drinks and menu like barbecue (don't forget the videoke machine), makes the gathering truly worthwhile. We had a lot of fun with games and catching up with fellow bloggers which were available at this time of the year. Some of us were also the ones who also visited OneA Events Center and Cafe Lupe in Antipolo. 

Though it may be just new in Rizal Park, but it is really a promising spot for this kind of business. And with the people visiting the park everyday, it would eventually be a landmark that will make Luneta a more fun place to be in.

Luneta will always be Manila's tourist spot no matter what people would say about the place.

Great to know that the forces of city government together with the tourism department refurbished Rizal Park like reviving the Flower Clock and innovating the Map of the Philippines.  

In the middle of the park was the large lagoon with the fountain that was neglegted way, way back.   This was transformed into beautiful yet colorful laser light show dancing fountain.  The best thing about this, anyone can watch it for FREE.

It was a facet of water swaying back and forth syching to laser lights - squirting to an array of multi-colored spectrum of different sizes as it dances for almost 2 hours of show.

Those myriads of water can go up more than 50 feet that splashes a total entertainment to the people who would view it.  Groups of family or friends can set a picnic infront or just near those fountain to watch them.  

Right infront of the park also is Cafe Lupe that offered drinks and food to munch located inside a man-made cave where one can best viewed the Dancing Fountain at the 2nd floor.  

Cafe Lupe extended their branch here in Luneta Park which is a known resto in Antipolo City near Sumulong Highway that offered Mexican and Ilonggo dishes - a cuisine with a twist taste of Pinoy.  Since the place is newly open, food offered are also limited.

One can enjoy their marinated barbeque which got those succulent and distinctive flavor for only P 20.00.  Most of the drinks offered are tied up with Asia Brewery.

Cafe Lupe at the Park Location: Rizal Park Landmark: middle infront of Dancing Fountain inside man-made Cave     

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