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Bags is a must for all. We grew up with them since our youth and even in our present lives, we never leave the house without a bag. May it be a small or big bag, it is an essential. The only thing that makes it different is our taste for fashion and the functionality of these bags. But can it possible to have both?

Parachute Convertible Bags are now in the Philippines with the guarantee of having fashion and functionality together in one bag. We all know these are the main factors that both men and women would consider in purchasing bags. Most women love to be fashionable with bags that goes well with their outfit, while most men would like to have a bag that is not bulky but keeps all their things in one bag.

Launched in November 2012, Parachute coincides with environmental issues. The material is the same material used for parachute construction. No furs or leather have been used. No trees have been harmed. Here is one of their products that can convert from a handy small bag into a neat backpack.
from this...
to this...
and finally this!
Parachute bags can be used from work to play. Not only is it versatile, it’s convertible and financially sound. Each bag converts into a different style depending on the occasion.  It can be used for school in the morning and a shopping tote at night. It is practical for everyday use and for traveling. The women's collection include backpacks transforming into shopping totes, body bags, maternity bags. The men's collection includes backpacks converted from belt bags and backpacks transforming into messenger bags. 

Every bag is an investment that one should really consider as we use them for our everyday thus the combination of form and function is a must for us especially busy city dwellers, and on-the-go travelers always on the move. 

For orders you can check their online ordering page at Parachute Convertible Bags or visit their facebook page at

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