Don’t let ant size fool you. They are a health risk to your family.

Usually, we take ants for granted—but do you know that an ant infestation can cause major problems for our health and home? There are hundreds of ant species in the Philippines but households usually get invaded by three types of ants, in general: the black garden ant, the brown Pharaoh ant, and the tropical fire ant. Below are the threats from an ant infestation:

Bites, stings, and venom. Ant bites are not only painful but can cause swelling or even rashes. There are ants, like the tropical fire ant, that sting and inject venom. These are more dangerous; people who are allergic to ant venom may need emergency treatment. Depending on its severity, an allergic reaction to ant venom can be fatal.

Contamination and diseases. Here’s another reason we should not take an ant infestation for granted: ants can carry harmful bacteria that cause serious diseases. Some ants eat decomposing plants and animals. When the ants go from their feeding area into your house, they are potentially carrying harmful germs. Pharaoh ants are known carriers of the salmonella bacteria, which causes potentially fatal infections.

Damage at home. One ant species, the Carpenter Ant, causes damage by burrowing tunnels through a home’s wooden structures. Species like the red fire ant or the Asian super ant are known to gather in places with flowing electrical currents. This means that these ants may accidentally damage appliances or cause electrical fires as a result of a short circuit (according to

The most convenient and effective way to get rid of ants that invade your home is Optigard Ant Bait; it contains thiamethoxam, a powerful ingredient that kills ants. Optigard Ant Bait has dual action: first, it attracts ants so they take the bait. Second, the ants exposed to the bait bring it back to their nests where they share it with the rest of the colony. This will expose more ants in the nest to the bait’s killing action, including the colony’s queen; therefore, eliminating the colony and making your home ant-free for at least three months.

Using Optigard Ant Bait is very convenient. It comes in a colorless gel form, so there’s no worry about staining or dripping. The gel is contained in a syringe applicator. It’s best to apply Optigard Ant Bait in areas where we observe ants frequently passing through.

Optigard Ant Bait is available in hardware stores and supermarkets. For more information, go to

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