XSTIG: Philips Reveals New Sound and Visual Systems

Every year, new technologies are formed especially the audio and video innovations that has paved for a clearer viewing experience and enjoyable acoustics through our electronic appliances. Philips is one of the global brands that focuses on this main technology drivers which is now introducing their new line in the Philippine market.

New range of Philips portable audio products and home cinema systems deliver a new dimension to your viewing and listening experience

With over a century of rich heritage and expertise in high-end TV and audio technology, the focus on innovation takes on a new dimension with the launch of the Philips 2014 home entertainment and sound collection.

Philips Home Cinematic Experience at its best: 

Brilliant picture quality  

For the ultimate in home cinematic experience, the latest generation of Philips TVs – the DesignLine and Ultra HD range, bring home theatre to a whole new level, giving you a TV experience that is “beyond the ordinary”.

Built with a multi-core Ultra Pixel HD engine that delivers EISA Award-winning picture quality on both native UHD and Full HD content, the new range of Philips TVs deliver astonishing depth and clarity and are the ideal choice for any room in your house.

The unique Ambilight feature virtually expands the TV screen, creating an exceptional and impressively immersive viewing experience by throwing a soft glow of light matching the on-screen colours onto the wall behind the TV. In addition, new apps which are supported in our Ambilight range allow consumers to interact with Ambilight during sport events, continuing the great success story of this light technology and adding a whole new dimension to their TV viewing experience.

From Ambilight to 4K Ultra HD, the latest generation of Philips TVs offer something for everyone. Whether it’s streaming new content, experiencing new worlds, gaming with friends near and far and even bringing generations together to share stories, laughter and memories – Philips TVs are designed to let you enjoy all the good things in life from the comfort of your couch.

Bringing to life high quality sound 

Amplify your home cinematic experience through high quality sound brought to life by the new range of Philips audio products that deliver an authentic sound experience. 

The latest in audio innovations, the Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100, E5 speakers, Soundbar HTL6140, Soundstage HTB4150B and 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home theater HTB5580 all have one thing in common. They deliver the best sound without the clutter, preserving the purity of the original audio content, resulting in greater sonic accuracy. For true connectivity, Bluetooth wireless music streaming from your music devices for breathtaking music quality in the comfort of your home!

The world’s first Soundbar with detachable speakers- the Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 and the Philips E5 speakers, are the ideal home cinema audio solution for consumers who want 5.1 channel surround sound without the wires. With space a premium in the home, these two products offer true freedom with detachable speakers and subwoofer that are wireless. Featuring Surround on Demand, the Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 and Philips E5 speakers automatically transform to a 5.1 channel surround sound experience when the surround speakers are detached.

At just 2.98 cm thick, the ultra slim Philips Soundbar HTL6140 is the perfect sound companion for any flat TV and can be mounted anywhere, blending right into your living space! A wireless subwoofer also ensures you are spared from messy wires for a clutter-free environment. Boasting 320W of power and premium soft dome tweeters, you can enjoy crystal clear high tones, ensuring premium quality sound. The HTL6140 is not just extremely thin, it sounds extremely good!

The Blu Ray offerings with the Philips 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home theater HTB5580 and Philips TV SoundStage HTB4150B will be the highlight of your living room for all kinds of entertainment. Designed to enhance your cinematic viewing experience at home, both products feature full HD 3D Blu-ray and Crystal Clear Sound, which enable you to discern and appreciate every sound detail, the way it was meant to be heard.

Pump up your home entertainment experience with the Philips 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home theater HTB5580 system. Featuring wireless speakers for a clutter free space, the powerful 1000W system with deeper bass effect delivers great sound for that cinematic surround sound. The Miracast feature also allows you to mirror your smart phone screen to your TV and share photos, videos as well as enjoy your favorite games on a much larger screen for a more immersive experience.
Designed for simplicity, the Philips TV SoundStage HTB4150B is the best companion for your TV. Simply place the TV on top, connect one cable and start enjoying your movie and music – it’s that easy! 

The Philips E5 speakers, Soundbar HTL6140, Soundstage HTB4150B and 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home theater HTB5580 all feature NFC (Near Field Communications) technology which means easy pairing  with Bluetooth devices.

For Music on the Go

If you enjoy superior, detailed sound but prefer the convenience of an on-the-go experience, then get ready for the party of a lifetime with the latest range of Philips audio products. 
Five-time World’s Best DJ winner, producer and record label owner, Armin van Buuren’s long list of musical accolades has another addition: product designer. The Grammy-nominated artist has collaborated with Philips to create his first ever professional headphones, the A5-PRO and the M1X-DJ System which allows you to mix, play and share the music you love.

The A5-PRO is engineered to meet the highest standards and demands of international DJs and industry pros offering true-to-life sound reproduction that is distortion-free even at high volumes.

Combining the finest materials like durable anodized aluminium, alloy steel finishes and hand-stitched leather for maximum comfort and construction, the A5-PRO is a key feature of the sold-out Armin Only Intense World Tour.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, the Philips M1X-DJ makes mixing, playing and sharing tracks simple, providing an authentic DJ experience. Combining a sleek design aesthetic and easy-to-use interface with innovative technology, the portable M1X-DJ allows anyone to create incredible sets that will blow your friends away and stream songs through Lightning connector/Bluetooth.

If a heart-thumping beat is what gets you moving at a party, then get ready to be blown away by the Philips range of hi-fi systems - NTRX500 and NTRX700.
The smart and easy-to-use DJ mixing functions turn anyone into the star DJ of the party while the handles and wheels allow for easy transportation to the party venue of choice.  260K LED lights and versatile light effects complete the party atmosphere as you feel the beat coursing through your bones!

Pricing and Availability

The Philips 2014 home entertainment and sound collection will be available in all leading electronics retail outlets this year.  

Product Recommended Retail Price (Php)
Philips DesignLine 3D Smart Ultra Slim LED TV with Ambilight 3-sided XL and Perfect Pixel HD (55PDL8908S)
Available in 55 inch Php 228,990.00
Philips 5500 series Full HD LED TV with Ambilight 2-sided and Digital Crystal Clear (55PFT5509) Not available 
Philips 6600 series Slim Smart Full HD LED TV with Ambilight 2-sided and Pixel Plus HD (55PFT6609S)
Available in 55 inch Php 99,990.00
Philips 4300 series LED TV with Digital Crystal Clear (24PHS4309S)                      
Available in 24 inch To Be Advised
Philips 4500 series Full HD LED TV with Digital Crystal Clear (32PFA4509)                       Available in 32/40/50 inches

Php 16,990.00
Php  28,990.00
Php  43,990.00
Philips 6500 series Slim Smart Full HD LED TV with Ambilight 2-sided and Pixel Plus HD Available in 42/50 inches

Php 49,990.00
Php 71,990.00
Philips 6600 series Slim Smart Full HD LED TV with Ambilight 2-sided and Pixel Plus HD. (55PFT6609S) 
Available in 55 inch

Php 99,990.00
Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 Php 39,990.00
Philips E5 speakers Not available 
Philips Soundbar HTL6140 Not available 
Philips Soundstage HTB4150B Not available 
Philips 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home theater HTB5580 Not available 
Philips A5-PRO Php 17,999.00
Philips M1X-DJ Php 15,999.00
Philips Mini Hi-Fi System NTRX500 Not available 
Philips Mini Hi-Fi System NTRX700 Not available 

For more information please visit www.philips.com.ph or the Philips Sound Facebook page at www.facebook.com/philipssoundphilippines

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