#30DaysBlog Challenge: Day 1 Introduce Yourself

Hey its July! And one thing that I want to do is make more personal writing that can also benefit me in doing more awesome stuff. I have come across a blogging challenge for the month of July to make a blogpost everyday for the month and for day 1, it is...well... uhm... introductions!

For those who don't know me, I am Florencio P Jusay Jr, or more commonly known as FPJ Jr (because of my intitials and the name gives a good recall). I have been blogging for more than ten years. I stared back when blogger was a new website for blogging, but I only had short posts and have migrated to friendster and multiply for personal  social network and posting. 

Back to blogger in 2009 and started to attend events, I find myself looking for more fun ways of making a unique impression with what I love. By the way, I also make comics, cosplay and make graphic designs. I love the arts particularly music and dance.  I currently have  a lot of blogs, which 7 of them are active. depending on the niche, they provide a more specific approach to features rather than have them all in one blog which might lose its original identity.

I am now expanding my horizon with writing stories, and building up my youtube channel. I hope that with the right tools and content, I can bring more fun and information to many people as possible in the whole world... I thank you (bow) 

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