LakBayani: Vote NOW for Vigan For The New 7 Wonders Cities!

Yes that is an urgent plea from me and the rest of the supporters of Vigan City as it vies for a slot in the New 7 Wonders of the World Cities where in Vigan is the sole reprensentative of the Philippines as it shares the limelight among with the other 20 finalist.

The past edition of New 7 Wonders of Nature, Puerto Princesa Underground Caves became one of the seven slots of the prestigious list of the best in the world. Their victory has become a catalyst of improvement of tourism and economy for the city especially the underground caves which have been fully booked as tourists flock to see it.

Now it is time to help another Philippine city to give its deserved slot among the seven. Vigan is a town of heritage and beauty. Being decelared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2 December 1999. Vigan famous heritage houses which are centuries old have been spared from damage from World War II.From the movie "Iliw (Nostalgia)",  it has been said that the love between a ilokana girl and the Japanese commander was the reason Vigan was not burned to the ground like what other towns have experienced. 

Aside from the old houses, churches and streets, Vigan has also made improvements to the city to become a world attraction. Like the Balwarte which has a mini-zoo, butterfly sanctuary, and the vast property which many tourist are visiting nowadays.

Products are also pride as it is one of the centers of Ilokano cuisine and art. Favorites like the Empanada, Vigan Longganisa, and Kankanen are what visitors like to taste one they reach the city. Pottery and weaving are also an age-old heritage that has been perfected by generations and still very alove today.

The beauty of Ilocos Sur being a costal, mountainous, and riverside city makes its a topographical and strategic location for commerce and tourism. One can have a great sunset, a river adventure, and hiking without leaving the city. 

That's just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do when in Vigan City. And after this, you might want to help it make it into the New 7 Wonders Cities by voting it at their website or through their mobile app available on iOS and android devices. 

Voting for the New7Wonders Cities Finalists continues across three phases. The Next Phase will slim down the candidate cities from 28 to 21. Now its the time to VOTE FOR VIGAN and pledge your full support for the Heritage City of Ilokandia. Agbiag ti Vigan!


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