Fil-Aussie Justine Joy Launches Album FLY AWAY

Filipino artistry know no boundaries, and for Filipino-Australian Justine Joy, she is very proud of her heritage and decided to launch her album here to be part of the very competitive music industry. Her first independently-produced album "Fly Away" shows her determination as well as talent worthy to bring entertainment and music to all.

Justine Joy is more than just a morena beauty, she is also a flight attendant as her day job and crafting her talents in singing in dancing with the help of family and friends in Australia. With the new album, she also launched her music video which has that catchy vibe and energy, perfect for party nights.

The Album includes 5 tracks: "Tonight", "All About You", "Money", "Don't Say Goodbye", and a Filipino original song "Hulog Ka Ng Langit". The five track comes in different tunes to show her versatility as an artist and entertainer. We will have a review of this in our Listening Room!

Justine Joy Discovered

In 2006, she was spotted by a dance talent scout  and persuaded her to be part of the newly formed hip hop dance crew “Gigabeatz” and went on to dance and sing with them until 2008.  Gigabeatz won and placed in the top spots in several local hip hop dance competitions such as “Looze Control” and “Groove Hills”, as well as performed at many local charity and nightclub events. In 2007, Justine was fortunate enough to dance with Gigabeatz as the front act to the acclaimed group “The Outlawz” created by the late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur on his 10th Anniversary Legacy Tour, at their Sydney show with local artists Lia Maja and Abel. Also in 2007, Justine and Gigabeatz placed 1st in the local song and dance competition “Boogie Tunez” (Justine & Gigabeatz - Boogie Tunez 2007), the first of its kind in the area. 

There she was approached by Australian artist Neska after winning and was congratulated and encouraged that she has so much potential in her performance skills and to keep working at it to make her performance art the best it could be. This led to a number of live shows for Justine in some of Sydney’s acclaimed nightclubs during that year and in early 2008. Furthermore in 2007, during the “19th Philippine Fiesta Kultura” Justine and Gigabeatz were the backup dancers for Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby’s live performances.

Around 2010, after a 2 year break, Justine felt it was time to start performing again, even if just for private family functions, as she missed performing and the stage so much. Her wish came true starting again in 2010, when she was asked to dance as an extra in local Australian-Spanglish rapper “D-Minus’” music Video “Set it Off” (D-MINUS - SET IT OFF OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO), and then again in 2012 for D-Minus’ clip “La Rumba”. When 2013 came around, her passion grew ever larger when she performed on stage again in the “25th Philippine Fiesta Kultura.” 

Busy Bee

Though she is busy with her work in Australia, Justine Joy will pursue her musical career here in the Philippines. And with social media big here in thr country, she is now working to build/creating her accounts that will also help her in spreading her works.

Currently, she has a facebook page as well as a YouTube channel. The carrier single “Tonight” is already up and with now almost 5 thousand views as of this writing. In fairness, the video might be simple but the vibe and beat makes it a lovable video to give it a playback.

Justine Joy may be new in the Pinoy music industry, but indeed there is potential. With her love for the Philippines true to her heart, she would get the support of the Filipino community in Australia, and that will also echo into a buzz that can give her more exposure and probably go viral here. And from there, she can fly away into more success.

Fly Away is now available in all Odyssey Music Stores.

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