GCash empowers Filipinos to adapt into new normal with new data bundle

GCash, the undisputed leading and preferred mobile wallet in the Philippines, is empowering millions of Filipinos to adapt into the new normal through its exclusive in-app mobile promo for Globe prepaid subscribers.

By using their GCash app, Globe prepaid subscribers may avail of the exclusive data bundle GoEXTRA90, which allows users to enjoy 8GB of mobile data plus unlimited calls to Globe and TM, unlimited texts to all networks, and 1GB of GoWifi access. GoEXTRA90 is valid for seven days.  

And because access to GCash is zero-rated for Globe subscribers, they can avail of GoEXTRA90 instantly, anytime, anywhere.

With GoEXTRA90, GCash users who are Globe Prepaid subscribers get better value for money. For 8GB of mobile data, subscribers can enjoy 96 hours of internet browsing or watch 16 hours of standard definition of videos online. This can also be used to attend online meetings via Zoom for those in a work from home setup or classes for students under remote learning.

“One of our core values at GCash is doing more with less, and with GoEXTRA90, GCash users who are also Globe prepaid subscribers may enjoy bigger data allocation, bundled with voice and text, for their daily needs -- from work productivity to education, from entertainment to digital connections,” GCash President & CEO Martha Sazon said.

With GoEXTRA90, GCash users can enjoy these benefits for the low price of P90 when they register through the app. Even Globe Prepaid subscribers who are non-GCash users can avail of this exclusive promo simply by downloading the app for free in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

“We at GCash are aware of the growing demand for digital services due to the pandemic, making connectivity crucial now more needed than ever. By offering GoEXTRA90, we are equipping Filipinos with a necessary tool to quickly adapt into the new normal,” Sazon said.

To subscribe to Go EXTRA90, open the GCash app on Android or iOS, choose the Buy Load option, and look for the GoEXTRA90 in the ONLY ON GCASH! or the SURF tab.

Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. (Mynt), which operates GCash, is part of the portfolio companies of 917Ventures, the largest corporate incubator in the Philippines wholly-owned by Globe Telecom Inc.

GCash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, kindly visit https://www.gcash.com/.

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