Getting to know Sean de Guzman, Lead Actor in ‘Anak Ng Macho Dancer’

Who is he? That is the question on the lips of people this side of Tinsel Town after it was announced that a relative newcomer, Sean De Guzman bagged the lead role in Joel Lamangan’s “Anak ng Macho Dancer.” 

The film, produced by Godfather Productions is written by Henry King Quitain, a top notch screenplay writer for ABS-CBN drama series. A special screening is being planned this December and an actual movie play date might commence next year. 

The 20-year old member of the boyband Clique V does not hide his excitement with regard to getting the plum role: “Until now I cannot believe what is happening. You know, all I do now are baby steps, dahan-dahan lang. Careful as I inch my way to this new career of becoming an actor. All the surprises I get because of this break, I embrace and welcome. Ang daming natutunan. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam.” 

“A part of me is a little awkward with all the attention but at the same time I am very happy.” Sean declares. “Thank you very much to director Joel Lamagan and my producers for the trust. “ 

He talks about his character, Inno: “He happens to be the son of Alan Paule, the original Macho Dancer in the film by director Lino Brocka. It was a delight to work with Sir Alan, he is a very kind and giving actor. As my father in the movie, he was strict with me, always scolding me. He wants me to just follow his orders and do what he thinks is the right thing so it always ends in have a conflict.”

Adds Sean: “Inno, as a young man, does not deviate from my own personality. We are somewhat similar in being a risk taker. When we have a goal, we dedicate our energies to the goal or cause and focused on it until I it comes to fruition.” 

“He became a macho dancer, because he wanted his father's life to be fine, for him to experience the good life,” continues Dela Cruz. 

Portraying the role of a macho dancer opened the eyes of this protagonist to the excruciating facts and givens of life. 

“Not all of us are blessed with the opportunities that come our way so we have no right to dismiss or judge someone because of their choices,” Sean states. “I am not telling that these macho dancers are saints but all of them fight for their life and loved ones.” 

He continues: “They all have a story that we should understand and respect. When you hear their stories, if people only take their time to really listen, it will hit you big time. For others, they already made a conclusion that their choice is easy.” 

Emphatically, the young upstart says: “Akala lagi na porke lalaki sila, walang mawawala, ililigo lang. Mag-alcohol. Take vitamins and make sure you practice safe sex. What people do not get is that their self-worth decreases, especially when a patron ask a macho dancer to do something that is not natural to him. You lose your dignity and manhood because of the money you need for survival.” 

How did you prepare yourself to do all the daring and sexy requirements? Sean’s swift reply: “I really studied the script and listened to the instructions of director Joel. I always feel in my heart that I am Ino. That Ino's truth should be shown in the movie. I want to believe that I did well and I leave the judgment to our future audiences.” 

Life lessons that viewers will take home from Anak ng Macho Dancer, avers Sean: “How he overcame the consequences of his actions and choices, are the biggest take home from the movie. What to me is important here is that he fought for his life. He didn't just sulk. What he thinks is right for the people he loves, he did it head on. We all sometimes have choices that are not good, but as long as you know the consequences of that choice, there is still a lesson to be learned. Mistakes and struggles, also triumphs are part and parcel of all our lives.” 

In conclusion, Sean de Guzman wishes: “That many will watch and love the movie. And that many better opportunities follow. I am a young man who is still surprised to all the things that are happening. All of these I really enjoy and I am thankful. The pleasure of feeling that I had a dream that came true is priceless.”

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