REVIEW: Hello Stranger The Movie

Fresh from the success of the first season of this well received BL Series, Hello Stranger The Movie wants to continue the momentum of the series into a full-length movie to be streamed via KTX. Hello Stranger stars Tony Labrusca (Xavier) and JC Alcantara (Mico), the first season has 8 episodes and due to the reception of the public, the need for a new season or a movie.

Hello Stranger The Movie is different from the series as it is not just an online meeting but rather a complete movie that takes place outdoors. Production did follow health and safety protocols to have a more intimate and personal interaction between the characters.

The story continues after the events of the first season. Personally I’ve not seen the series but the premise shows that they went back to square one which they did not end up being a couple. They meet again in beach camp together with their friends. The unexpected meeting stirs up feelings, awkwardness, and mixed experiences between the two.

Both Tony and JC show more confidence and charm playing their characters which gives more intensity from their zoom call meetings. There are moments of fan service of them close and almost intimate which can get fans really excited. Despite this, the movie is generally wholesome.

The love of literature is the common denominator with the characters, and there are Filipino literary references shown in the film which gives depth along with the love story. Intense dramatic moments are pegged on emotions of past and present and when paired with OPM intensifies the scene.

The movie plot fits well even with the pandemic, with a controlled venue, intimate cast, and with places slowly opening up, a movie like this helps us to feel what it is to be in the “normal” world during these times. And the movie stands on its own even if you have not seen the series, and it interests me to watch it soon.

Just in time for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s a great date movie you can share with your special someone. Hello Stranger The Movie is now streaming on KTX. 

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