Best Real Estate Development Goes To KMVAsia Development Corporation

Construction and realty was one of the industries that was greatly affected by the global pandemic. However this also posted great opportunity for companies to use the time to actually build more as traffic is much lighter and jobs are needed to keep the economy afloat. One of those is KMVAsia Development Corporation.

KMVA's mission is to become the preferred purveyor of cost-effective, efficient, sustainable, and environment-friendly real estate developments. Their projects include Vive Montojo, Vive Pasong Tirad, Venessas's Heights, 6 Popds Appartments, Emreald Sky, and Parque De Lilio.

KMVAsia Development Corporation recently won the Best Real Estate Development and Management Company in the Philippines at the Real Estate and Property Awards 2020. Awarded the prestigious honor after only a few years from its inception in 2016, the company is gaining recognition for being one of the most innovative and energy-efficient architecture firms in the country today. Leading the company is Architect Kaydee Velasco or KMV who built the company with the dream of designing more sustainable, eco-friendly homes and buildings.

Despite being a young company, this win shows the brand's commitment to continue to construct various projects that inspires more companies to  continue amidst the challenges of the world. For more information, you can check out their website and facebook page


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