Ortigas Art Festival Brings Excitement This 2021

Now more than ever, art and artist needs more appreciation and support during these trying times. And as we are slowly coming back to our normal lives, having art would also help us appreciate the beauty of the world outside our confined homes.

With museums and theaters still not open, the mall is what we go to for our supplies and temporary escape from our quarantine. But this is also a great opportunity to experience the beauty of the outside world through the best of film, painting, photography, sculpture, and so much more at the Ortigas Art Festival 2021.

Now in its 4th year, the annual Ortigas Art Festival was first launched in 2018 with the vision of making art accessible to everyone. With the success of its first run which featured over 60 local artists from well-renowned groups, Ortigas Malls continued to pursue its goal of  uplifting the art community and democratizing art by making the Ortigas Art Festival an annual celebration. In 2019, the festival's roster grew to over 130 artists from all over the Philippines and then grew even bigger with over 200 artists including international artists from Southeast Asia in 2020.

"We at Ortigas Malls have always supported the art community. Through the Ortigas Art Festival, we are able to bring together hundreds of talented local and even international artists and provide them a platform to express their craft and inspire people from all walks of life," says Architect Renee Bacani, Ortigas Malls Vice President. "The theme of this year's Ortigas Art Festival aligns with Ortigas Malls' Enjoy Everyday campaign, which promotes the importance of making every day enjoyable and seizing every opportunity, despite the many challenges that life may bring." Bacani adds.

The fourth installment of the Ortigas Art Festival has ventured out to film this year from the previous year's photography, paintings, and sculptures exhibits. Exhibit head Renato Habulan, a multi-awarded Filipino artist, and Ortigas Malls promise a hybrid festival with on-ground and virtual activities to keep all kinds of art lovers engaged.

"Art is an important part of society, it is food to the soul. As long as the community continues to remain dedicated to pursuing the craft and enthusiasts continue to support, the art industry will thrive," he says.

In these challenging times, Habulan says collaboration and innovation among artists remain foremost priorities. "We are grateful to continue this partnership with Ortigas Malls through the annual Ortigas Art Festival. Through activities like this, we are able to foster a sense of commonality among artists, encourage learning and push the industry together," adds Habulan

Onigas Malls and partnered artists of the Ortigas Art Festival have pulled all the stops to make the month-long festival as memorable and enriching as the previous years. Here are some of the highlights that everyone should look forward to from February 24 - March 31:

Agos studio. As the headline gallery at the Ortigas Art Festival 2021, Agos studio artists headed by Renato Habulan himself showcased its fluid and borderless ant to the world. They continue to spearhead the e-mentoring sessions for aspiring and established artists to boost their spirits and guide them in these unprecedented times. With the Art Relief Mobile Kitchen as their beneficiary, giving back is surely at their core, no matter where the gallery goes.

Born in Film. Apart from the usual elements of the Art Festival, everyone can also look out for works by Born in Film. The group is a non-profit organization including Alberto Garcia - the only Filipino photographer included in Time Magazine and National Geographic's Most Influential Photos of the 20th Century with his Mount Pinatubo picture "Beauty Amidst Disaster His works are featured in the festival, along with virtual workshops on Visual Storytelling and Creative Composition, as well as Darkroom Developing on Color Black and White, and Scanning Your Negatives broadcasted via Zoom and on PhotoNation International

With the Film Development Council of the Philippines' partnership with Ortigas Malls, the festival's venture to film won't go unnoticed with its first-ever Vertical Cinema Contest, which is open to the public. All these and more are awaiting art enthusiasts and aspiring artists at the 4th Annual Ortigas Art Festival. Head over to Estancia G/F East Wing in Pasig City to witness the likes of Agos studio, Art Relief Mobile Kitchen, Born in Film, PhotoNation, Richard Buxani, Amel Borja, La Maison D David Art Gallerie, Meme Contemporary Art Gallery, and many others showcase art safely in the new normal at the Ortigas Art Festival 2021 from February 24 to March 31.

For more information about the event and online activities, check out the Ortigas Art Festival 2021's Facebook page.

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