Amaia Land Corp. Official Statement

Amaia Land Corp. (“Amaia”) would like to address and clarify the security incidents making  rounds in social media that happened at Tower 2 of Amaia Skies Cubao (the “Project”), one of  the condominium projects it developed.  

The property manager of the Project’s condominium corporation (“Condo Corp.”) has already  reached out to Ms. Angely Dub and has taken the lead on this matter given that the operations  of the condominium are being managed by the Condo Corp. since 2018. These incidents have  already been referred to the local authorities for proper investigation, with the Condo Corp.  actively assisting in the investigation of the matter and implementing more stringent security  measures.

As for the lack of CCTVs in the hallway, we take this opportunity to confirm that the Project was  built to be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations and that Amaia had installed  CCTVs in all the required areas. 

Amaia will continue to extend assistance to the Condo Corp. in the resolution of this matter. 

Raizel Matibag 

Project Dev’t. Manager – Amaia Skies Cubao

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