Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi LTE Advanced is the best gift this V-Day for 'Bae'

Looking for a special gift for “Bae” during this month of love?

If you’re still thinking of what to give your special someone on Valentine’s Day, consider the gift of a “reliable and dependable connectivity” with Globe At Home (GAH) Prepaid WiFi LTE-Advanced.

Here are several reasons why having a GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE-Advanced is a winner for “Bae”.

A GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE-Advanced modem is the most practical buy. One needs a highly reliable tool  nowadays when connectivity is a must for work and online learning. With GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE-Advanced, you can never go wrong,  you're always on with loved ones anytime, anywhere and at your most convenient time. 

With care, this gift is long lasting. More interesting is that with every connection to the internet to watch  a favorite series, movie, concert or simply searching for life hacks on how to make cakes look more appealing, your loved ones will surely thank you for the Globe modem you gave. What's more, GAH Prepaid WiFI LTE-Advanced is equipped with “Doble-Bilis Boosters”  to make internet surfing fast and seamless.

GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE Advanced is for the whole family.  What better way  to endear yourself  with your future in-laws than helping them with their “connectivity” needs  too?

Even a limited budget won't stop you. A GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE Advanced modem is  your best bet this Valentine's at P1,999 only.  It's the newest and the best prepaid modem with SIM available in the market today. It supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. This perfect gift  will provide uninterrupted and faster connection and is unlikely to be affected by interference from other devices like microwave and Bluetooth.

GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE-Advanced comes with a SIM and instant free data worth 10GB. Maximize other benefits and rewards because it works best with data promos exclusive to GAH Prepaid WiFi, from as low as P99 for HomeSURF99 with 10GB valid for five days or  HomeWATCH199 that gives customers a total of 34GB for seven days.  The promos can be availed only if the GAH prepaid WiFi SIM  is in the modem. Caution:  Never take out the SIM from the modem because you won't enjoy the exclusive promos.  If your Globe Home prepaid WiFi SIM expires,  make sure you specify this SIM when you buy at any Globe Store.

It's easy to use. With  GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE-Advanced, all you need to do is plug in and load up.

What to give 'Bae' on Valentine's? Easy! Get a GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE-Advanced modem with SIM now.

The GAH Prepaid WiFi LTE-Advanced modems with Doble-Bilis Boosters are available at the Globe Stores, Globe’s Online Shop and other official retail partners  nationwide for only P1,999. 

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi kits run on Globe's 4G LTE  wireless network.  According to the latest Ookla® data, Globe has a better mobile consistency score than competition in several regions including the Cordillera Autonomous Region, Ilocos and Cagayan Valley. In fact, Globe’s regional mobile Consistency Score™ registered improvements in 16 out of 17 regions, comparing Q4 2020 to Q3 2020 results. 

Ookla®'s quarterly data shows that Globe's overall mobile Consistency Score™ in Q4 2020 improved to 60.82% from Q3’s 56.83%. The company registered increases as high as 10 PPTs, with Consistency Scores of up to 65% in Q4 2020.

Mobile Consistency Score measures the number of incidences (viewed as a percentage) of a provider's samples equal or exceeds both a download threshold of 5 Mbps and an upload threshold of 1 Mbps. 

Globe champions the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically  UN SDG No. 9 which recognizes the importance  of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Globe has vowed  to uphold the 10 United Nations Global Compact principles and 10 UN SDGs.

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