Dive Into the Cage-verse: Your Ultimate Guide to Nicolas Cage Movies on Lionsgate Play

There's no actor quite like Nicolas Cage. With his wild expressions, manic energy, and ability to jump from drama to action to comedy in an instant, Cage has gained a cult following unlike any other. Whether playing an action hero saving the world or a tormented soul struggling with his inner demons, Cage always mesmerizes audiences with his performances.

And what better platform to enjoy Nicolas Cage's filmography than Lionsgate Play? Let's dive into the Cage-verse and experience his unique performances in all their glory.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2021)

In this self-referential and comedic twist, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent casts Nicolas Cage as a heightened version of himself, Nick Cage. Facing financial instability and searching for purpose, Cage begrudgingly accepts a $1 million offer to attend the birthday celebration of a wealthy superfan (Pedro Pascal). The event quickly spirals out of control when Cage is recruited by the CIA and thrust into an unexpected mission. Blurring the lines between reality and his cinematic personas, Cage must draw upon his most iconic roles in a desperate bid to save himself and those he holds dear. A love letter to the actor's sprawling career, the film blends suspense, action, and humor to create a uniquely entertaining experience.

211 (2018)

A high-octane crime action thriller, 211 is based on the true story of the longest and bloodiest single-day bank heist in American history. Cage plays Mike Chandler; a veteran police officer who gets caught up in the middle of a violent robbery by ruthless mercenaries. Chandler, along with his son-in-law and a high school student, is caught in the crossfire, and he must use all his experience and bravery to save themselves and the civilians trapped inside the bank.

Knowing (2009)

Directed by Alex Proyas (I, Robot; The Crow), Knowing is a sci-fi thriller in which Cage plays John Koestler, a widowed MIT astrophysics professor who discovers a numerical code predicting major disasters around the world.  As John witnesses two of the predicted disasters firsthand, he becomes convinced that his family is inexplicably linked to these predictions. The story is a profound exploration of our choices and the significance of the signals we heed or ignore, all while navigating the delicate threads of human connections across time and space.

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

In this action thriller, Cage plays a meticulous contract killer bound by his own set of strict rules. a hitman on his final job in Bangkok.  A notorious crime boss orders him to eliminate four targets, but as he carries out his mission, Cage's character begins to question the morality of his actions. Things take a turn when he falls for a local girl and finds himself on the wrong side of the crime boss. Directed by the Pang Brothers (The Eye), Bangkok Dangerous is a gritty and intense ride.

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