Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire - Cold or Cool?

The universe of Ghostbusters continues to expand and now spans to more generations as it makes more movies like Ghostbusters Frozen Empire. And for us which had some recall with the original Ghostbuster movies and cartoon series, this film teases us with the comeback of some of the original cast of the OG movies.

That is what the current Ghostbusters universe is now trying to converge. This is where I also learned that this is now being produced by Ghost Corps, which is a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures to oversee the production and development of the GCU (Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe). 

For this film, it continues the story of Ghostbusters: Afterlife with Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Paul Rudd, and Celeste O'Connor now located in New York for their operations encounters a new and mystical form of entity which is encased in an ancient vessel which seems like a very old version of the Ghostbusters somewhere in South Asia.  

A new character Nadeem Razmaadi played by Kumail Nanjiani is the one who sold the vessel but also plays an important role being part of the magical lineage. The quest to find answers about the vessel and the monster inside called Garraka lead them to get in contact with several members of the Original Ghostbusters. Garraka who is the source of the devastating frost that takes over the city has an interesting backstory, but I felt that he is not as iconic as pervious characters like the stay puff creature. I could say that he is a cold villain but not cool enough.

Equipped with the original tools in capturing ghosts, they also showcased the new type of gadgets to level up the hunt and fights as they battle more menacing and more powerful foes. Ghostbusters Frozen Empire is entertaining but has a plot that follows a certain template, which makes things predictable so I guess the new interesting points would fall with the characters and the spectrum of personalities. Also having someone with mystical powers gives way to people that are not exclusively Ghostbusters.

Yes, it banks of nostalgia for drawing an audience but also tries something new for all fans to experience. And it seems that we will expect more movies in the future because of what happens in the movie that ensures that the work is not done and there will be more something strange in the neighborhood, so you know who you gonna call.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is now showing in PH cinemas and distributed by Columbia Pictures.

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