Fallout - An Okey Dokey Live Action!

Many are still quite wary when video games are given the live action treatment given that some things in the game may not be replicated for a live action adaptation. And when FALLOUT was announced to have one, it was a 50/50 reception and anticipation for the fans of the game. Even myself who played a simple mobile version of the game wondered if certain creatures, locations and factions would be represented well. And from what I saw in the episodes did surprise me.

Given that this takes place in a dystopian future of the United States, things are very complicated in terms of lifestyle, like with vault dwellers stuck in the 50-60’s aesthetic yet also possess some advanced technologies despite looking frozen in time. The future of humanity that fell under the great nuclear wars left the world scarred with radiation, mutations, and chaos which is a perfect premise for the stories of the people who would come from these sectors.

For this series, we have Lucy who is the protagonist that came from one of the vaults that experienced an attack and in which her father was kidnapped. This prompted her to go outside the vault which was never done by the dwellers. There is also the side of the story of the brotherhood of steel which explores the knighthood and military mashup which I find interesting but also find weird. And we also have The Ghoul which stems from the mutations of humans during the nuclear war, which along with the other mutated creatures are far bigger and deadly, adding to the reasons to stay in the vault.

Going back to the live adaptation, they really put a lot of detail into the characters, locations, technologies, and creatures very similar to the video games. Many gamers were happy with the series thus placing this into good adaptations and also a surprising series for 2024. Though they would hold back on the other creatures, people, and easter eggs to make sure viewers would want more from the series. 

With just 8 episodes for this season, I guess it is a good introduction for Fallout for existing fans to soak up the nostalgia and references, and for new fans to explore the alternative world filled with so many things that are really messed up yet very entertaining.

So, sit back, open a Nuka-Cola, and watch FALLOUT now streaming on Prime Video.

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