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Nutritionist to the Stars Shares A Secret Ingredient of an Effective Diet Plan

PEOPLE often have the impression that getting a toned and healthy body can be easily achieved by merely spending time at the gym. But truth be told, smarter food choices equate better to a fitter body.

In this fast-paced world, people tend to put healthy lifestyle practices far down their priority list. More often than not, people are not mindful of what their bodies really need; short-changing them of the nutrients they require to go further.

HEALTHY LYF: How Kelly Misa keeps it light

Kelly Misa has been a commercial and ramp model for over a decade now but there’s no stopping this 32-year old proud Filipina from doing more, while keeping it light. A columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a beauty editor of Look Magazine, the creative and content director of her own website, and quite recently, the host of lifestyle show, Trending Now airing on ANC—Kelly is on top of her game.

But to do all these and more, Kelly accepts all the help she can get. For one, her husband, Carlos Fernandez, who has always been supportive of all her endeavors, is a reliable partner in running the household, adjusting to his wife’s frenetic schedule.

Kelly also relies on her trusted health supplements, such as C-Lium Fibre.  C-Lium is made from 100 percent fiber derived from the psyllium plant. She has been using this product for more than three years now, a habit she picked up from her father who, after a heart surgery, has become an advocate of healthy living. “It does wonders for my health,” she says of C-Lium, “and I personally feel the difference. Whenever I take it, I feel lighter, more energetic, less sluggish.”

HEALTHY LYF:Fighting the Diet Shift

Aqiva partners with moms to help ensure proper nutrition for their children.

Every mom has her own story when it comes to feeding her child. With mealtimes becoming a common and daily struggle, moms have learned to cope with this problem in different ways. Some moms resort to bribing, giving treats or gifts whenever their child finishes his lunch. Other moms would tend to transform into “monster moms”, not yielding to their child’s refusal to eat. While others just give in, thinking that eating something unhealthy is better than not eating at all.

The Threat of the “Diet Shift”

Children are easily tempted by unhealthy food because to them, these foods seem to be more fun and exciting to eat, and taste better because of its flavors, colors and textures. This desire for unhealthy food heightens at age 4-7, as children start to make their own choices, and are able to voice out what they want. This is when the threat of the Diet Shift starts - the phase when the child may begin to prefer unhealthy food, or food that do not contain the right nutrients children need to keep their growth and development on track.

Regine Velasquez considers diet a serious business

During her pregnancy, Regine Velasquez, grew to a staggering 165lbs.   Now that she’s back in show business after giving birth to baby Nathaniel, she’s targeting 125lbs!  For most of us, this is “a giant leap for mankind” but not for Regine, who is determined to transform the extra flabs to sexy curves in time for her anniversary concert in November.

Regine says she’s currently on Southbeach diet, which she said, has helped her bring her weight down by 12 lbs.

Although the ideal weight for her height is 115lbs., Regine thinks that she would look “too skinny” if she’d target that weight.  Instead, she decided to target 125 lbs. 

Now, she’s trying to lose 15lbs. in a month, but she’s taking it easy.  She also admits to having a diet “cheat day,” which she said was necessary in order to “fool” her body into thinking that she has not changed her usual diet.

HEALTHY LYF: Redox-Fat Newest Endorser Iya Villania

A Slimming Supplement to jumpstart a sexier and healthier lifestyle

People often resort to food supplements to replace a healthy diet of protein and vitamin-rich foods, and moderate physical activity. But health capsules still work best with good eating habits, daily exercise, and the right attitude.  Fitness guru Coach Chappy Callanta and wellness advocate Dr. Marthony Basco explained how one can make the most out of their dietary supplement during the relaunch of RedoxFat Slimming Capsules, where it unveiled its latest endorser, ABS-CBN star Iya Villania.

“ATC chose Iya Villania as RedoxFat’s endorser because she embodies the lifestyle of our target consumers. Despite her demanding schedule as a sought-after actress, total performer, host, VJ and product endorser, she still manages to stay in tip-top shape and keep her good reputation, “ATC Healthcare Marketing Manager Kathleen De los Santos shares.


When it comes to dieting, we tend to veer away due to the sacrifice one would need to endure, would you choose something restrictive and tiresome or healthy and balanced while letting you enjoy it on the long haul? The choice is yours.

Charm your way to a healthy and sexier you with this newest and practical approach into losing weight: My Spa Diet. Pioneered by lifestyle and weight management consultant /US registered dietitian Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD, is the first online weight management program in the country that emphasizes a customized diet plan fit for a person’s lifestyle. Collaborating with registered nutritionist-dietitians, it provides a holistic approach on personalized way to meet nutrition needs while losing weight. The diet plan includes life giving foods, teaches smart eating habits and applicable exercise guidelines that considers four phases, pretty much the same concept of a spa: cleansing, detoxifying, rejuvenating, and balance.